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Top 05 Best Bali Food – Taste the Exotic

Bebek Betutu and delicious lawar are just samples of the fine fair awaiting the foodie in Bali. The land of the Gods certainly has a varied mix of cuisine from across Indonesia for you to savour.


1. Varieties of Sate

One of the most iconic of Bali food sate or Satay as it is pronounced consists of skewered meat dipped in spicy sauces. A satay can consist of chicken, beef, pork, mutton, fish, eggs, tofu and even a mixed blend of meats. Although quite popular across Indonesia Sate is served as Sate Lilit in Bali; this is made with minced beef, pork, chicken, fish and in some instances turtle meat. The meat is well mixed with coconut and coconut milk as well as vegetables and exotic spices. This preparation is then wrapped not skewered around bamboo skewers, lemongrass sticks or sugarcane before being grilled. The well spiced sate lilit does not always require a sauce to be enjoyed.


2. Nasi Ayam and Nasi Campur

This is the Bali version of chicken rice; it is a staple dish at the local warungs and restaurants around the island. The dish consists of white rice which is served to the accompaniment of many local delights such as betutu, babi buling, mixed vegetables and the all-time favourite the sambal matah which is a spicy addition. If you prefer a non-spicy Nasi Aya and Nasi Campur ask that the sambal is omitted. A soup too is served on some occasions with this dish.


3. Bebek and Ayam Betutu

Betutu is favoured across Bali; the dish is made by stuffing a whole duck or chicken with spices before being wrapped in a banana leaf. This package is then packed tightly into the bark of a banana tree trunk, buried in hot coal and fire for over 6 hours. This is one of the best slow cooked meat dishes you will taste in Bali as the meat literally falls off the bones and no dining in Bali experience is complete unless you savour the delights of Betutu.


4. Babi Guling

This is a spit roast pig that has been stuffed with exotic spices and vegetables. The dish is very slowly roasted over an open fire which lends it its name, for guling means to 'roll'. The end result is a crackling and delicious skin with juicy tender meat inside. If you want to sample traditional favourites with a modern twist visit one of the contemporary restaurants in resorts such as Alila Villas Soori. The freshest ingredients used and traditional know how goes a long way in creating the unique flavours associated with such Balinese dishes.


5. Tahu Tempe

Tahu is tofu and considered to be one of the most flexible ingredients in Balinese cuisine. Tahu is used in various methods such as savoury snacks, side dishes and even mains where the soy bean curd is stuffed, fried or battered. Many of the Indonesian rice dishes are accompanied by tempe crackers while stuffed and batter fried tahu is a firm favourite with some resembling spring rolls.