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Updated by Ginae B. McDonald on Aug 07, 2016
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My Last 5 Book Reviews

A list of my last five book reviews on Ginae Says

Find Your Extraordinary: Dream Bigger, Live Happier, and Achieve Success on Your Own Terms

The premise for, Find Your Extraordinary, is that one need not simply exist. Via your entrepreneurial spirit, you can live closer to that which, you truly seek. She adds that this spirit doesn't necessarily mean that one need to start and maintain a billion dollar company, or any company. She explains that we decide for ourselves what success looks like, discard what has become antiquated for us, then, proceed...

Am I Depressed Or Am I Bipolar?

This is a good book and if you have been plagued with depression for any extended period of time, you can see why this book is necessary...

The Grace in Living: Recognize It, Trust It, Abide in It

We knew that we were in trouble when we began reading biographical material about bestselling author Kathleen Dowling Singh. We knew that we would want to devour every single word. We knew that we wouldn't want miss a single nuance...

Pathways of Qi: Exercises & Meditations to Guide You Through Your Body's Life Energy Channels

This is a how-to from Chinese Medicine expert Matthew Sweigart. The exercises and meditations involved deal with meridian's and the flow of energy, the end result of which, is to live sans the blockages that years of hurt and pain have left on our psyche's. Like reiki, Qi is a gentle art form.

How May We Hate You?

How May We Hate You? is very well done, creative and most importantly, funny. When we perused the promotional literature, we were thinking that the writers were unkind people with bad attitudes and poor work ethics. However, now that we've had a chance to peruse this publication, we have changed our mind.