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Updated by Caroline van Kimmenade on Aug 22, 2017
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Happy Sensitive Articles and Audios

Here's a list of resources that are published on other sites.

What It's Like to Be an Empath | VICE | United Kingdom

If you feel the earth's pain before an earthquake or have a panic attack because someone near you is anxious, you might be an empath too.

9 Ways Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Made Me Heal My Life

I crashed with chronic fatigue in the beginning of 2009 and I've been learning what I needed to heal ever since. I've recently had several people contact me about what I've learned, and always found

9 Ways To Shush Your Inner Bully And Be More Successful

Are you your own worst critic? It's easy to do since you're right there as you live your life. You know all the ins and outs. You know about all the things you did and didn't do. You think you know

6 Tips for When You're Unusually Sensitive

We all have periods in our life when we are unusually sensitive. Dealing with illness, a death, set-backs or discouragement, we all experience times when it's just a lot easier for others to touch a

How Curiosity Can Help Us Heal from Pain and Grow

Our curiosity, that desire to keep questioning, to keep finding something new, an opening, a possibility, can keep our eye on positive change.

5 Creepy New Age Characters to be Wary of

The road to self-knowledge is full of charlatans. Here are five creepy characters that I have encountered on my own journey who have proven to be particularly disturbing.

Caroline van Kimmenade: On the Heaviness of the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Label

To watch the full conversation as well as lots of other great content like it come and join us in The Haven; a private and exclusive community for introverts...

I think we need to rewrite the popular Law of Attraction metaphor to make it more like fishing. If you sit by the waterside long enough, a fish will swim by. If you have some kind of bait and fishing rod, then you'll be able to catch the fish. That is what awareness practices are about.

Ep. 58: What is an Empath? with Caroline of The Happy Sensitive - A Highly Sensitive Person's Life

When searching for a simple explanation about empaths, I came up empty, until I found this great article on Caroline’s website, The Happy Sensitive.

What being yourself feels like

I recently asked some fellow coaches, creatives and authenticity advocates, what being themselves feels like to them. So this post is a space for their thoughts on authenticity and an opportunity for others to share their experience of what being themselves means to them.

#100StoriesWorthTelling #53: Caroline van Kimmenade: Reinventing Myself - Nikki Groom

The problem was, in my role as a university teacher, I'd been taking other people's problems home with me