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Updated by Collective innovation on Sep 19, 2016
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Smart Solution For Your Organization

Collective innovation is the one who provide innovative management software to companies. These software help a business to harness their future idea’s today itself.


Collective Innovation Products- Idea Mapping Software

Collective Innovation Products- Idea Mapping Software

We give organizations the tools they need to be sustainable competitive with direct customer insights and engagement. With our Idea Mapping Software, allow your customers to submit a location as an idea, generating instant feedback on potential store locations.


How to Use idea management software

Gather ideas from all employees evaluate them and bring them to market faster than ever before are some of the features that are inherited by a best idea management software.


Need Of Collective Innovation

Collective innovation is not a magic that will automatically enhance the business. It is a collection of smart and innovative ideas that are being used or sometimes not by some other successful companies. Innovation is a requirement of this era of great competition to survive well.


Make The Best Out Of Innovation Management Software

Innovation or innovative ideas are need of a business to maintain a solid image in the market. Innovation always remains around you, but the main challenge is how you manage it. That is when you need innovation management software.


Innovation Management Using Crowd-Sourcing

Presently, businesses need innovative ideas and concepts to enhance their work, improve customer experience, streamline processes, and increase the engagement of employees. You can find many idea crowd-sourcing platforms in the market.

Open Government Software And Its Services

With use of open government software you can develop new applications and insights helping the citizens to get more information to make better decisions.

Organize Ideas Through Idea Mapping Software

Make connections and become a better creative problem solver, through the help of idea mapping software. The idea mapping can forecast revenue, prepare for a hiring interview, chart product development and marketing.

Open Innovation in the 21st Century

Open innovation grasps the thought that not all innovation must be created internally. Outside thoughts can be brought into an organization and used to assemble imaginative items. This should be possible through acquiring so as to authorize advances or whole organizations creating technology of interests. It can be done through crowdsourcing where customers are invited into the lab to share their ideas, needs and desires.

Adapting Your Employees to an Organizational Change

Any organization can get comfortable in a particular environment. However, change is inevitable. If not handled properly, it can have a cascading effect on the organization. It comes through many avenues: new executive team members, acquisition, merger, layoffs, or mass hiring – all of these actions cause a shock to the system of an organization.

Why Look For Crowdsourcing Software And How To Outreach It?

A business operates and works in order to fulfill the demands as well as needs of the customers for earning profits in exchange of the services provided. People are the main users of the services and products, as to get a better reach among them; many businesses use the means of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is usually…


Ideal Idea Management SoftwareAnd Its Uses

There are different ways to collect ideas from different people. Before, companies used a letterbox to collect different opinion or ideas of people. Now, several companies use idea management software to receive ideas from the people or their employees so that they can check the evolution of their idea via a system.


Why Innovation Matters Today?

Collective Innovation is the tool for shaping the corporate life, helping leaders to see the potential acquisitions through a different lens. Mostly the view, we have over things is from a cost perspective, but innovation helps to uncover all other aspects of it.


Rate Your Customer Satisfaction Now!!!

Customer feedback is a necessary component for every business. In the present era, businesses run in the competitive environment and the competitors are always ready to steal your customers.