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Data Analytics

Data analytics (DA) is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information. Data analytics is used in many industries to allow companies and organization to make better business decisions and in the sciences to verify or disprove existing models or theories.

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Data Analytics Vs Data Analysis

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Salary Trends In The Big Data Science Industry

Big Data Scientist is a professional who is adept at working with big data, has efficient tools to enable them to perform predictive analysis, which will benefit their companies. Today, the concept of predictive analysis has begun to receive a lot of importance. A lot of companies spanning various fields from travel, information technology to retail and health, have begun to realize the importance of data analytics and big data science as the key drivers to their growth. Data Analytics forms the basis for a number of decisions from understanding consumer behavior to employee enhancement procedures. These are few of the reasons as to why, numerous companies are looking to hire Data Scientists to meet their growing demand of data analytics.

Contemporary Trends in Project Management & Business Analysis

All over the media we see books, articles, and blog posts about innovation these days. Its so much around that sometimes it seems as if everyone seem to have been bitten by the innovation bug. Many organizations will innovate through process and system improvement, and in some cases there may not be any difference initiated at all.

There has long existed a gap between requirements and physical design. A Business analyst has been rather ‘away’ from the realistic design that a client may need more, than just requirement elicitation and a high level solution. Many Organizations have started providing logical design as an output via BA and are shrinking that gap to create better products faster. Multiple tools like business process maps, use case , prototypes etc. can be used to enhance productivity.

The Scope of CFA in India 

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Topic: Investment Banking and Valuation Techniques

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Is A Career In SAS The Right Fit For You?

It is common knowledge that any field would be rewarding as a career, provided that it thoroughly suits an aspirant. The Data Analytics industry is currently the most sought after career option in the IT world, the reason being that, data science has given a new dimension to the world of enhanced customer service. IT…

Difference Between Private and Retail Banking - Imarticus Learning

There are many nationalized as well private banks, offering a host of services to companies, the government, as well as private individuals. Imarticus Learning is a leading education institute, offering courses in investment banking, retail banking, wealth management and more.

Why R Users Need To Study SAS Programming | R Vs SAS Programming

#SAS is designed as a data manipulation language, which means that it can run intuitively and is very easy to learn, this would be a fresh change from the fact that #R is more difficult to learn

How Does A Business Analyst Differ From A Financial Analyst

They can also perform risk analysis, company valuations, #capital budgeting and the likes. While Business Analysis has a broader scope, Financial Analysis is known to be a narrower, more specific segment of any #business firm and includes on the financial part, unlike BA which includes both, the financial and the non-financial parts

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Indian Oil And Gas Industry Turn To Predictive Analytics

Joining in the ever increasing line of industries, incorporating #dataanalytics in their inner workings is the Indian Oil and Gas Industry, which has decided to incorporate the concept of predictive…

What is Big Data | Introduction of Big Data | Data Analytics

"Career in Big data is a sexiest careers of the 21st century, there is a lot of demand from both the companies as well as individuals. This has basically led to increase in the number of institutes offering tailor made specialization programs. To grab the high salary job join Imaricus learning's diploma courses in #bigdata Analytics


Topic Modelling - Data Analytics Technique | Data Analytics Tools

Learn Topic modeling with Imarticus Learning. We offer various industry intensive courses in data analytics tools like Python, which uses this topic modelling technique most extensively.

The Beginner’s Guide To Hadoop | Hadoop Programming

Today, the scenario is such that data is still being generated on a great scale, while there is an increasing dearth of people, who can derive value out of it. The lucrative aspect of careers here draws a lot of professionals towards Data Science. If you are a data science aspirant, then it is important for you to know all about the various tools of data analytics; especially about Hadoop.

Everything You Would Want To Know About The Chartered Financial Analyst Certification

In the earlier times, a professional could very well work in a field, while not having the educational qualifications of the same; this is not the case today. Getting a specialization degree in the field where one wants to make their career, has become more of a per-requisite. So much so, that without having the necessary educational qualifications, one cannot enter the career of their choice, or secure a job with high pay. In times like these, the certification of CFA or the Chartered Financial Analyst comes in handy to secure a high paying job in the field of finance. This certification basically refers to a post graduate degree in finance and is most often, synonymous to that of an MBA in finance. Although CFA is preferred by a lot of candidates today, not only because it provides ample career opportunities, but unlike MBA it, as a degree is more finance oriented as opposed to business and management.

Essential Skills That Every Big Data Professional Should Have

While this may be just a show, but it does have grave connotations of the future, not necessarily of that negative tone though. #DataScience is the most popular concept lately and is even more popular in terms of a miracle maker, where #DataScientists are able to derive the most meaningful insights out of scores and scores of numbers. These professionals are like the #SherlockHomes of all detectives, they are able to deduce and detect the most minute of things, that are easily missed by the majority.

What Does It Take To Be A Data Specialist?

The past couple of years has seen, the entire world get fired up all due to this concept known as ‘data analytics’. Data Analytics can be called as the small fish in the big pond that is known as Big Data. As you would understand by the term, big data is definitely very, very big. It refers to all of those virtual records of almost everyone that are present online. Now, these virtual records could be generated from any varied device, including a video game, a flight, any social networking site or a particular person’s online shopping cart. The best part though, is that every aspect of Big Data is very easy to acquire, due to the fact that it is either cheap or free. Did you know, that your entire data on a particular social networking site say Facebook can cost up to just a mere 12 dollars. This is exactly why extracting this data and collecting it has become the easiest things of this field, while at the same time, storing this huge data has become really difficult. Let’s move on to the most important question of all, ‘what does it take for a person to be a data scientist?’

What Are The Salaries Like In The Field Of Analytics?

Why a lot of aspirants opt for numerous specialization courses, which help them not only polish their skills, but also to get industry endorsed skills. Institutes like Imarticus Learning are forerunners, when it comes to offering industry relevant, specialization training programs in various data analytics tools like R Programming, SAS, Hadoop, Python and so on.

What Is Artificial Intelligence All About?

A lot of Data Scientists are expected to know all there is to know about Machine learning and it is this field, that applies Artificial Intelligence the most. As the field of Data Science increases in terms of popularity, there are many aspirants and candidates, who opt for specialization programs, in various data analytics tools such as Hadoop, R, SAS from institutes like Imarticus Learning.

What’s Machine Learning All About? | Imarticus

All you data enthusiasts out there, you surely must have heard of this term ‘machine learning’ in the past few years. While not many know what exactly this term refers to, which has been leading to quite some amount of befuddlement. Let’s start small firstly by decoding what is exactly meant by Machine Learning. It refers to a method of data analysis which automates analytical model building. In other words, the process of machine learning assists computers in unearthing hidden insights without the need of having to train or program them to accomplish the same. What this concept means today and what it meant in the past, are entirely different things, courtesy the rapid developments in computing technologies.

Three Things You Must Do IF You’re Considering A Career In Data Analytics

Have you ever been curious about how a few numbers and a couple of stastistical skills, can lead to great results and explosive revenue for a company? Does the whole process of targeted analytics and hard-core predictive analytics seem extremely fascinating to you? You don’t necessarily have to belong to an IT background to make a career out of the field of #datascience.

Its the Small Data that Matters!

Big Data, surely everyone knows all that it is about, but do you know that the future revolves all around making this big data, smaller? While there may be a lot many people stating that big data is the next big thing, but those people tend to oversee the fact that everything related to big data, is entirely machine based and you would most likely require the human eye, to look at the big picture as it gradually forms. While it is no news, that the importance, evolution, analyzing and collection of everything related to big data, depends on its tools, which are commonly known as data analytics tools. These tools are basically used by Data Scientists or Data Analysts, to make smarter strategic decisions, to reduce costs, to target the right kind of audience, to optimize offerings and on the whole, in order to ensure that your business runs as efficiently as possible.

2 Very Important Tips for SAS Programmers

Imarticus Learning are most sought after, mainly because of their multiple offerings in various data analytics tools like, SAS Programming, R Programming, Hadoop, Python, Tableau, SQL and so on. When you take up one such course and pursue it, it is easier to save your time and not program the hard way, because SAS resources and SAS efficiency,

How Does Facebook Identify Where You Are From Your Profile Photo - Machine Learning

Machine learning is another process, which is imminent to the functioning of businesses. This happens to be the most popular process in the current times, as machines have begun to get the ability to work on their own, without the help of humans. In simple words, this process deals with not just extracting data and mining it, but also learning from that very data. As the world begins to accept the ever increasing power of Big Data, none of the business enterprises are able to remain immune. Thus, business firms where people don’t understand what data science is all about, are bound to lag behind in the near future. This is why a number of business professionals are trying to pursue a number of professional training courses, from institutes like Imarticus Learning. With a number of courses in Business Analytics, these institutes are able to create a niche for the said professionals.