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Souks in Dubai – Exotic Shopping Adventures

The rich sights, sounds and exotic aromas wafting around the fabulous souks of Dubai are quite an experience. Treat yourself to the wonders of the perfume souk, textile souk and gold souk of Dubai.


The New Gold Souk

The New Gold Souk is situated in Bur Dubai and is quite unlike its ally the Gold Souk of Deira. This is Dubai's very first wholesale jewellery souk and within its glittering confines you will find many exquisite creations using diamonds, semi-precious stones and gold. Best part of this souk is it is home to popular jewellers from around the world, offering their gorgeous products under one roof. If you are a lover of the finer things in life and are touring the country remember that just as glamourous as the New Gold Souk is a stay within a boutique hotel Dubai is famous for. Enjoy utterly exquisite quarters and the best of comforts within these luxury resorts.


Souk Al-Bahar

Souk Al Bahar translates to market of the sailor it's a modern version of a traditional Arabian market. Located within minutes of the PER AQUUM Desert Palm this market overlooks the iconic Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain. Meander along the cobbled walkways and let the exotic aroma of spices fill your senses. A perfect amalgamation of modern quarters and ancient traditions this souk is where you will find gorgeous Arabian handicrafts such as carpets, jewellery and textiles; there are over a 100 shops to browse. In addition there are 22 cafes and restaurants offering a refreshing break from your shopping spree.


Souk Khan Mourjan

Located within WAFI Mall this is a traditional 14th century souk. The market is an underground maze of that emulates a subterranean Baghdad market. Architecture in some areas reflects the ancient styles of Turkish, Egyptian, Moroccan and Syrian designs. Basically everything around this mall is intricately designed to offer you an authentic journey back in time. On sale are genuine Middle Eastern and Arabic traditional goods such as mosaic inlaid tables, handwoven fabric and handmade carpets.


The Perfume Souk

Located around the Gold Souk of Deira the Perfume Souk will surely be one of your favourites. The fabulous fragrance of jasmine, amber and rose permeates the air as exquisite bottles of fragrance lines the shelves of each shop. Fragrance is an integral part of Arabic culture and you can get custom made perfumes to suit your character. Oil based fragrances are the local favourites while you can readily enlist the help of shopkeepers in creating your signature fragrance. One of the most favoured scents is oud derived from agarwood. This souk is also the best place for stocking up on incense; frankincense being the recommended choice. Remember to bargain it is expected and a part of local fun.


Sabhka Spice Souk

Located on Al Sabhka Street you can literally smell out this souk. The open air souk is home to gorgeous colourful mounds of spices, nuts, fruits and salts. Ideal for a true Arabic experience, enjoy meandering around the criss cross of alleys of Sabhka Souk. Remember here too bargaining is expected if you wish to walk away with a good deal.