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Kidpreneur Reading List

Have a kid interested in business? Here's a list of books for kidpreneurs. Initial entries are from the 5/20/12 Wall Street Journal article: "Recommended Reading for Young Entrepreneurs"


Teen Business Blasts Off!

Learn what makes a good idea great, who can help, and what skills you need as you follow ten teens who put their ideas to the test!

The Student Success Manifesto

Having trouble deciding what you're going to do after you graduate from school? Do you simply want to take your life to the next level? "The Student Success Manifesto" will help you leverage the entrepreneurial mindset to define and achieve success regardless of your career path.

Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs With Big Ideas!

You've heard the saying, ""It's never too late." We say, "It's never too early!" Even children can be introduced to basic business principles and the rewards of entrepreneurship. Our goal with Kidpreneurs is to outline some basic tools and strategies kids can use to gain some valuable experience in starting, managing, and growing a successful business venture. Through easy-to-understand basic principles and a creative approach, we outline some key techniques that will have a powerful and positive impact on your child's ability to understand entrepreneurship. Using kid-friendly design and illustration, we break down some of the major points of entrepreneurship, so your child can have fun as he or she learns. Also, your child will enhance his or her decision-making skills by trying out simple businesses as he or she grows up.

Upstarts!: How GenY Entrepreneurs are Rocking the World of Business and 8 Ways You Can Profit from Their Success

Generation Y is creating startups at an unprecedented rate, and their approach to business is unlike anything you’ve seen. The generation described by the media as spoiled, entitled, even narcissistic, is proving these notions false every day. Inspired by the rock-star entrepreneurs of previous generations and driven by a burning desire to control their own destinies, GenY is rewriting the entrepreneurial playbook one cool startup at a time.

Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers

Business Model Generation is a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers striving to defy outmoded business models and design tomorrow's enterprises. If your organization needs to adapt to harsh new realities, but you don't yet have a strategy that will get you out in front of your competitors, you need Business Model Generation.

Micro Business for Teens Curriculum

A book series that simplifies complex topics such as taxes and financial statements into clear, easy-to-understand English for a teenager. The Micro Business for Teens book series is three books:
Starting a Micro Business
Running a Micro Business
Money and Taxes in a Micro Business
and a Micro Business for Teens Workbook for individual or group/classroom use.

Better Than a Lemonade Stand!: Small Business Ideas for Kids

Start on the early road to success while having fun, learning new skills, and making money with this guide of more than fifty entrepreneurial ideas.
Filled with delightfully simple business ideas, Better than a Lemonade Stand! is a fun guide packed with creative ideas that show how to start a business with little or no start-up costs, attract and retain customers, develop negotiating skills, and more.

The Richest Kids In America: How They Earn It, How They Spend It, How You Can Too

Get ready to meet some amazing entrepreneurial superstars who are living their dreams and making a big difference doing it. They’ve shared their stories to inspire you, teach you, and show you that your own opportunities are endless. How did they discover their passion? What were their first steps to building their business? Who supported them along the way? Why do they all choose to give back to their community? In this book you’ll learn the key principles that catapulted each of these incredible young entrepreneurs to success and how these same principles will lead you to a life of ultimate fulfillment.

Once Upon a Company

A pastiche of elaborately bordered colored-pencil and watercolor illustrations packed with cozy details give Halperin's (illustrator of Homeplace) account of the business her children started (to save money for college) an old-world folktale touch. The approach in artwork is an unusual and particularly pleasing choice for a nonfiction picture book, one that, paired with a conversational text, helps make an intimidating subject both approachable and fun. For seven-year-old Joel and his sisters Kale and Lane, the College Fund Wreath Company was a success right out of the starting gate and quickly spawned another seasonal venture, the P.B. and J. Company?a summertime snack bar that sells lemonade and sandwiches. Told in Joel's first-person narration, the story chronicles the first six years of their business, from start-up to a thriving enterprise that employs other children and with profits to date totaling $16,000?now invested in zero coupon bonds. This warm and lively introduction to the world of business includes a glossary with additional information on words and concepts introduced in the text (complete with formulas and helpful hints). Informative and encouraging, this down-to-earth success story could inspire a whole generation of young entrepreneurs. Ages 5-9.

Common Sense Business for Kids

What does it take to be successful in business? Anthony Maybury used to think that in order to be successful in business one must know how to put complex theories into practice. He thought that success required knowledge of advanced mathematics, inventory management equations, and whiz-bang marketing techniques. But, he made some interesting discoveries. He came to realize that the greatest contributor to his business success was found in life experiences, not textbooks. Mr. Maybury said his business strategy was just "plain old common sense." But, through years observing others in the business world, he realized that his common sense business strategy was not so common after all. Through a series of interviews, author Kathryn Daniels collected dozens of Anthony Maybury's anecdotes and common sense strategies about what it takes to be successful in business. The result, "Common Sense Business for Kids," is a collaboration to benefit and encourage kids interested in entering the business world; but Maybury's wisdom is ageless. Using practical judgment derived from experience rather than study, and using real-world examples, Anthony Maybury explains common sense realities behind basic business principles, including: fixed and variable costs, market potential, research, price strategies, inventory management, salesmanship, and management techniques. Mr. Maybury discusses characteristics needed to be a successful entrepreneur, manager, or employee. Mr. Maybury comments: "I hope the 'common sense' I share with you will be beneficial as you embark on your own career, that it helps you appreciate the value in being aware, of looking at things from multiple perspectives, and of being ready to adapt. I hope you see that even though success in business may seem complicated, it's really just 'common sense.' "

Cool Jobs for Kids Who Like Kids: Ways to Make Money Working With Children

One in a series of books for younger kid entrepreneurs.

Invest This Dollar!

Invest This Dollar!: 50 Ways to Make $1, 000, 000 That Are So Good, We'll Even Spot You the First Dollar [Applesauce Press] on FREE super saver shipping on qualifying offers. See how far $1 can go with the practical advice kids learn in this book – the $1 is even included!Invest This Dollar! is a commonsense