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Updated by Collective innovation on Oct 10, 2016
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Collective Innovation - Idea management software

Collective Innovation is an idea management platform, that helps you speed up internal innovation and turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

Idea Crowdsourcing Is A Great Way Of Innovation

In the past recent years, a casual yet very useful means has come up helping the business to reach others and get their key to innovation, which is popularly called the idea crowdsourcing platform.


Reason To Install A Customer Feedback Software

Reason To Install A Customer Feedback Software

Variety of customer feedback software can be found in the market. You need to compare among them to select the most appropriate for yourself. With the help of such a software, the business owners can gain customer insights.


The Idea Behind Collective Innovation

The Idea Behind Collective Innovation

Collective Innovation was built by new products and marketing managers to transform how business collaborate. Bring a powerful concept to success with community collaboration.

Customer Feedback: Get To Know About The Responses Of The Business Activities

The customer feedback focuses on the end user experience and creates surveys with attractive images. From the customer feedback software, the company determines the tastes and needs of the customer, which is needed the most at the launch of a new product.

Why Idea Management Systems For The Business Of Today?

With the growth of innovation, the idea management systems become a catalyst helping the organizations to struggle at levels that have never been reached before. Visit for more information.


Collective Innovation - Why Do One Need It?

Any successful business comes up with new ideas has to keep the operations, products and services fresh to give the necessary support to the idea. In a business, collective innovation is the least used phenomenon as not many people inside the organization like the open and communitarian process that develops, organizes or executes new thoughts.


What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing refers to the ability to serve an ad to an audience based on a certain interaction they have already had with you. emarketing is popular with digital advertisers because it allows them to serve ads that are specific to a consumer’s desire, right when they are in the research phase of buying.Read more about Collective Innovation...

Why Look For An Innovation Management Software Solutions?

Innovation management software allows you to manage your complex innovation portfolio with greater governance using the key information. With the software, a business is able to digital management of the innovation and gets all the resources at their disposal.