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What is the different between virgin hair and fake hair

What is the different between virgin hair and fake hair

Nowadays, there are a lot of things that can be made in fake one. It is very difficult for customers to choose and so are virgin hair or hair extensions. Some these things can help you.

To be completely honest, nowadays, there are a lot of vendors who sell fake hair than those selling authentic natural hair. Here are some key pointers that ought to serve as your go-to guide that helps you more easily navigate through the right virgin hair world and probably prevent you from making costly mistakes down the road that may have you end up losing your hard earned hair. These are tested ways used by experts who tell fake virgin hair apart from authentic natural hair.

1. Checking for the presence of natural hair cuticles:

Virgin hair that is not chemically processed will have the cuticles present on the hair. When you check for cuticles and they are not present, it means that the cuticles have been stripped from the hair regularly from an acid bath. Stripped natural hair is not a bad thing they may last 9 months of use, but it is not virgin hair.

Something you should know to avoid fake hair - vietnam raw hair

2. Checking for left-over chemicals:

Virgin hair had better not have any chemical processing whatsoever. That means no dyeing, no perming, and no relaxers. Any kinds of hair outside of heat processing and water is considered chemical processing hair. By water, I like steam-processed hair. You may do this quick test: wet the natural hair bundle, apply a little neutralizing shampoo and massage into the natural hair. If the shampoo foam comes out from the bundle turns pink, it means that chemicals have been applied to the natural hair. This is a good test to keep in your arsenal because you would be shocked how many vendors don't take the time to thoroughly wash out the bundles which they receive processed or chemically process. Perform a sniff test and in case you pick up any chemical odors similar to a relaxer or perm, the hair has been chemically processed hair.

Choosing real virgin hair is not difficult - cheap remy human hair extensions

3. Performing a smoke test:

Another thing you can do is taking out a lighter and doing a smoke test on you natural hair. To do this, you should take out a lighter or match and set the tips of the virgin hair on fire. Real virgin hair turns to ash above on left Synthetic hair turns to a sticky texture that hardens when cool. If the virgin hair burns with a white smoke and then turns to ash, this is the fact that it is virgin human hair and no synthetic fibers have been added to the bundle. If the virgin hair burns with a black smoke and then turns into a sticky texture that later hardens when it is cool, this means that synthetic fibers have been added to the virgin hair bundle.

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Do you think that you are suitable for bright color hair extension?

Do you think that you are suitable for bright color hair extension?

You want to color your natural hair brightly but you don't know if this color is suitable for you or not. I will help you to be gorgeous with the color of human hair you like.

Selecting accents for light colored hair

Do you like bight hair color? Read more vietnam hair

Women with light colored hair may need to be careful when selecting color blocks to make sure that they still look natural when they are clipped on, especially if you are planning on wearing several colors.

The first tips: Bright colors may be much more likely to stand out on blondes than other natural hair colors. You might want to shy away from neon hair extensions because they would look even brighter next to your natural hair.

The second tips: Some blondes find that spray in natural hair color is more appropriate for their natural hair because they could control the intensity of the color while hair extensions can't be changed.

The third tips: For some reasons, smaller streaks of color tend to be more suitable for blondes. You could buy small or individual hair extensions and strategically place them throughout the lower layers of your natural hair, to give a pop of color that would look bright and interesting without looking artificial and overwhelming.

Have you had color in mind yet? Read here remy human hair extensions guide
If you don't have a color in mind yet, you should bear in mind that most pastel shades blend beautifully with blonde natural hair. Lighter shades can play off the light and offer a similar hue to the natural human hair color. Purple based reds or purple tones also play greatly against natural blonde hair.

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Curly hair extensions – are they forever the best option for wavy hair clients

Curly hair extensions – are they forever the best option for wavy hair clients

If working as a hair extension technician, day by day you will come across a client who is looking for an option to straight hair extensions, or because their own natural hair is cambodian hair in vietnam and they are looking for something a little different.

Curly hair extensions are a good choice

Why are remy human hair extensions wholesale suitable for those with naturally wavy or kinked hair?

Luckily, despite these concerns straight hair extensions are suitable for the majority of hair types, as natural hair or hair extensions would also dry with a natural wave or kinked hair. Although seldom listed in that idea as it will be involved, the majority of straight hair extensions are in fact natural wave hair, which means if left to air dry they would have a beautiful natural hair.

Curly hair extensions

This's excellent news, as there're a number of benefits compared with hair extensions that dry in that idea.

  1. As detailed above really few of us have natural hair that would dry dead straight, and therefore having hair extensions that dry in a similar style makes “straight” hair extensions suitable for the vast majority of customers.

  2. Your hair extensions that dry in that way offer combined versatility when styling, as they typically have the capacity to hold a curl beautiful of their naturally kinked hair shape.

  3. Beautiful the natural shape, this kind of hair extension is able to offer more body when styling and then it will become easier to create voluminous styles.

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It is very easy with the place the clip in hair extensions

It is very easy with the place the clip in hair extensions

How do you get the hair extension to look natural, professional and stay in your natural hair?

Here are several guidelines that will help you choose the clip in if hair extensions (natural human hair extensions) are right for you:

Your natural hair should be longer for at hair extensions or shoulder length. Shorter hair needs additional preparation that should be left to a trained.

Your natural hair should be common thick in texture. Fine hair or thin will need additional preparation to cover the tracks and make the hair extensions appear natural.

How do you buy clip in hair extensions?

For this question, I bought a 6-foot weft of hair from Sally beauty supply. I then cut the weft my natural hair to fit the model, head and sewed the parts to clips. Sally sells all the quantities needed to do that, or you can buy a hair extension system that already has the clips connected to wefts ready to place in your natural hair.

I chose a color that closely matched my darkest natural hair color. It's necessary to note that the color does not have to match precisely. Your natural hair color will blend among the hair extensions.

hair vietnam

A spokesperson at the hair store could help you choose a color that will celebrate your natural color. I extremely suggest standing in natural light when choosing a color, as manufactured light can alter the color of the hair extensions.

Artificial or natural hair can be chosen for the hair extensions. Natural hair can be curled and washed like your natural hair, while synthetic hair can’t be touched by heat.

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5 Amazing Nature Hair Trends You Shouldn’t Miss This Summer

5 Amazing Nature Hair Trends You Shouldn’t Miss This Summer

Simply pull your hair back into a low or high ponytail and walk out of the door. There are various ponytail styles for all the days of the week. Creating a hairstyle has never been so easy fun. The best thing is that you can upgrade your ponytail in various ways. Use braids to enhance the look of pony. So what about the great, wide unknown that is 2016? What nature hair trend will dominate 2016?

See more: vietnam hair

1. The Cool Bob:

This classic shape for nature hair endures peaks and valleys when it comes to popularity. The bob will be the biggest direction, pointing out that the cut's flexibleness is the argument it never really goes out of style. With this classic cut, you can enjoy the versatility of your texture by wearing it tightly coiled, wavy, or bone straight. This trendy haircut allows you to refresh your look and spice up your style with a modern twist. Always remember that a bob haircut is timeless and it will never be outdated.

2. Natural Hair Colors:

Say goodbye to colors like hot pink, red or green for 2016. Bright or faked-looking hair colors will be a burst from the past next year. Natural-looking hair color will be the biggest thing instead, as trends will be all about healthy and natural-looking hair

3. Amazing Statement Parts:

Consider a look with a perfectly centered middle part or extreme side part. These hair parts can be worn on just about any length hair and will add a youthfulness to your nature hair. Statement parts will be a big deal, too.

4. "Braid Made" Waves

That type of texture is going to be big in 2016. Who isn't in love with the beautiful textures that we get when we've slept in our braids, then demount them in the morning? Of course, if you don't have the patience to wait until tomorrow morning, you can always set the braid texture in faster with a light spritz of hair spray and a quick once over with the T3 SinglePass 2 Styling Iron."

5. Curls

If you are seeking for a classy and romantic look then take the following style as an example. This gorgeous medium curly hairstyle is perfect for a dinner date or daytime cocktail. Using different products, such as learning to use diffusers or using different sets to air dry. This also includes using different size rods and learning new ways to curl the hair so it looks effortless."

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‘Must avoid” list that helps you grow your vietnamese hair faster

‘Must avoid” list that helps you grow your vietnamese hair faster

Beauty is always a dream of every girl. A beautiful girl needs to have both good appearance and great character. Supporting for this, we cannot miss the importance of hair, so how to have good and healthy hair. Let’s look at some notices below:

  1. Avoid tight hairstyles

If you want to know how to make your hair grow faster, make sure to avoid tight hairstyles, because those can lead to breakage, hair loss, and damage if worn often and constantly.

  1. Avoid stress

Avoid stress by all mean since it can lead not only to hair thinning and loss hair but also to fatigue, sleepless nights and depression, etc. We don’t want that, right? To avoid stress, make effort to exercise regularly, meditate and direct your thoughts into positivity.

  1. Avoid silicone that is based shampoos

Avoid silicone that is based shampoos as well as shampoos containing laureth sulphate, since these products will dry out your hair and cause breakage and damage. Besides, studies show that sodium laureth sulphate can be linked to skin and eye irritation, cancer organ, toxicity, cellular changes and even possible mutations.

Avoid stress to have more benefits for your Vietnamese raw hair - hair in vietnam

  1. Avoid excessive sun exposure

Avoid excessive sun exposure, because it cannot only lead to sun spots and premature wrinkles, but also UV rays can remarkably damage your locks. Hence, if you know that you’ll spend a day on the beach, make sure to wear a hat.

Healthy and long raw Vietnamese hair -vietnam human hair

Besides the recovering and designing your hair style, you should pay attention to protecting your hair from the harms of surrounding environment as well as impacts of yourself to have beautiful and healthy Vietnamese raw hair.

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Hot hair colors for a hotter summer season

Hot hair colors for a hotter summer season

There are a plenty of hair styles for summer. These are some of them you can refer.

Go streaking

Some beautiful hair styles that for summer - vietnam virgin hair

Streaks may not new, but when some celebrities like Rihanna put them in their natural hair, we will tend to take notice and may follow suit. Go a few shades lighter than your natural hair color to add significant contrast to your do for a look that pops. You should keep it to one section as a large strand on one side of your head or a portion of your bangs for a look that can make a statement.

Ombre is not long. It has resurfaced the summer with celebs such as Kate Bosworth and Drew Barrymore. While Drew makes it simple, Bosworth goes from platinum blond on top to shade of blue at the tip. It is a look that is both brave and bright. You can achieve it by applying dye from the bottom up. The tip will be the most saturated and darkest and with color while the rest would appear more diluted in color. This may be the job that is best left to a professional unless you feel proficient and comfortable with natural hair dye.

Lengthen your locks

Be gorgeous with some hair extensions - human hair vietnam

The hair extension comes in an array of candy colors to spice up the tresses. You may add a piece of canary yellow or shocking pink to your natural hair color. Hair extensions will work best when you want a change for 1 night only. Hair extension does not damage your natural hair like dye and is a cheaper alternative than a visit to the salon. You could put them in at home and play around with colors that match your skin tone. You could buy some in a similar color to your natural hair and dye them the colors you like. Clip the hair extension in under the top section of your natural hair and you would have a pretty peep of colors that shine through.

The best rule with any of those hair trends is picking a color that is complimentary to your skin tone. If you are fair-skinned, you can choose a pastel color. If you are medium to dark skin tone, you can go brighter.

In addition, you can view vietnamese human hair, you can buy it in Mic Hair company then you can dye it to any color that you want.

The following are some details about our products:

  • 100% pure human hair. No chemical, no dyed.
  • Soft, brilliant and straight
  • Unprocessed, without nits , no lice or harmful insect
  • Lengths of hair: from 10 inch to 42 inch
  • 2 Colors for option : Black and Dark brown

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2 important things about Southeast Asia hair

2 important things about Southeast Asia hair

Everything in each part of the world is different, so does hair style. We cannot mistake the Southeast Asia hair because of its color, its material, etc. Those are the things we may all know, but what about something new about Southeast Asia hair, let’s check out some information below.

  1. How can Asian girls mention to a new stylist who may be not familiar with Asian hair?

We all know that Southeast Asia hair is pretty strong and that it is going to stick out if you cut it too short. If you come in and it has already blow dried, talk about whether one side sicks out.
When lots of people go to the salon and it looks nice when it has been styled; however, they cannot recreate this look at home. At the Salon we do a consultation then take a wash. We will cut the hair wet, and then blow dry it. We do not use curling iron or a round brush so that we can see the shape of the haircut when it comes out and then do the detail cutting.

Pretty strong hair of Southeast Asia girl - vietnamese hair

To achieve a low-maintenance cut, a stylist has to work with the natural texture of your hair and not against it. Asian hair is so beautiful shiny and straight. Therefore, I think it is nice to complement beautiful hair and a round brush. And if you have good haircut, you do not have to do anything.

  1. Can you give a few ideas for hair hairstyles of Asian girls?

One of the popular hair style that Vidal Sassoon made famous is bob, which is very classic and fits Asian clients totally.

We also have some new Sassoon collections inspired by the 80s runway supermodel. The looks has been layered, with head-hugging and bold fringe like haircut of boy. They are very clean and sleek bobs. Having shorter hair has complemented many Asian facial features.

The bob hair style made girl very classic - vietnam hair

However, whether it is long or short hair, a bold heavy fringe’s nice. Bold stronger fringe like opposed to wispy fringe is more complementary since the hair may hang straight.

When you leave the face open by getting side fringe, it will look more confident and modern and for Asian hair it may enhance the beauty of the real hair cut.
These are some simple knowledge about Southeast Asia hair about discuss your hairstylists about your hair or a kind of typical hair of Southeast Asia hair that will inspires you to have beautiful look.

In addition, you can view natural vietnam hair you can buy it in Mic Hair company then you can dye it to any color that you want.

The following are some details about our products:

  • 100% pure human hair. No chemical, no dyed.
  • Soft, brilliant and straight
  • Unprocessed, without nits , no lice or harmful insect
  • Lengths of hair: from 10 inch to 42 inch
  • 2 Colors for option : Black and Dark brown

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3 suitable hair colors for Vietnam hair

3 suitable hair colors for Vietnam hair

The latest dyed hair trend of this year is still ombre, but the contrast is more gentle and softer. Whether it is blonde, brunette or black hair, you should not choose too bright colors, if you want to pursue the correct trends that the world is "crazy". However, this hairstyle will look better if you own a shoulder-length hair

  1. Yellow brown chestnut color

According, dying brown chestnut hair color is trendy tones of a lot of Kpop stars, they choose for themselves to exalt skin color perfectly. Chestnut brown color is not too bright or too dark and brings novelty feminine gentleness for girls.

Brown chestnut Vietnam hair color is trendy tones of a lot of Kpop stars

To have whiter skin, the brunette girl should stay away from bright colors like gold or bright red hair.

  1. Lime Hair

This dying hair trend is not new but lime color will not be obsolete by the very "picky owners". This hair color will not only bring you an impressive striking and novel styles, but also gives a higher requirement for other hair color as well as combining with the dress.

Lime vietnam natural hair color makes you outstanding

  1. Highlight hairstyle

This lets you hair be dark, but it add another few brighter colored curls. So, make sure you have a beautiful hairstyle and highlight attracting admiring glances of people around you, make sure you have read the following article carefully to understand about hair highlight offline.

buy human hair extensions

Above are the dyed hair colors that are most popular in 2016, note those when selecting dyed hair color for your list: The bright white skin you do not need to worry much about dyed hair color like beautiful Korean hair style. No matter what color hair is, you still look outstanding. Wish you will soon choose your own Vietnam hair color is one beautiful & consistent.

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What kind of remy hair extension style that suits you

What kind of remy hair extension style that suits you

The common question from girls when choosing remy hair extension is

1. Use a wide-toothed brush

  • A wide-toothed brush help to ensure that you will have fewer snags when combing the hair as its teeth are wider. In case your curl pattern is tightly curled, you can use your fingers to comb the hair. They are the best tool for you in that situation.

  • Do not brush wavy or curly remy hair extension with bristled brushes like boar bristle brushes, because these brushes may mess up the texture and pattern of your hair.

2. Spritz hair with water when combing it

  • If you have wavy, curly or textured hair, this may be very helpful. Water can help to add slip in order that you can comb the hair easily. If it is necessary to have more slip, you can add to the water some leave-in conditioner and put in spray bottle. You can also buy wig spray to brush the hair.

3. Set hot tool for a cool setting

  • In case you have remy hair extension that allows you to use hot tool on, ensure that you use cool setting of the curling iron or flat iron. Otherwise, you may melt the hair. Besides, styling changes you make by hot tools can keep on the hair permanently. Thus, be careful if you use curling irons and flat irons.

  • You can also curl straight hair in hot water. Set hair on rollers or curling rod, then dip it in hot water or you can spray hot water if you are wearing it. Dry it by a towel or let it naturally dry, then move out the curling rods when it is dry. Since remy hair cannot bear the frequent changes in style, so you should only do this when you really need to change hairstyle to avoid causing damage.

4. Rub oil on your remy extensions before combing it through

  • If your extensions become dry or without sheen, you should rub some oil like jojoba oil on the hair. Keep it on for an hour, then wipe off by blotting with towel. If needed, wash hair out with mild shampoo.

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