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Updated by Andrew Pereira on Aug 02, 2016
Headline for Interesting Coconut Based Snacks in Maldives – Coconut Indulgence
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Interesting Coconut Based Snacks in Maldives – Coconut Indulgence

With its excessive existence of coconut trees, the Maldives offers you a good number of coconut-based products. The island has proven itself to be one of the best destinations to taste coconut.


Coconut Manna

Coconut Manna is pureed coconut butter. If you haven't tasted coconut before, then by all means go for the coconut manna. It has superb taste of dried coconut flesh. Coconut manna could be tasted in two different ways. You can take a spoonful of coconut straight from the bottle and taste it, for one, or you could warm up the butter and then have it. Some restaurants in Maldives offer coconut manna as a side dish – you can have it along with a sandwich, or they can use it in your smoothie. It has all the nutritious features such protein and fibre. Manna is the ideal alternative to cheese and butter.


Coconut Chips

Well so far you may have heard of potato chips. But here comes coconut chips from a little island in Asia. The nutritional worth of the coconut chips outsmart the normal potato chips you get to eat. Coconuts are blessed with a high volume of nutrition, and that serves the coconut chips you get to savour. The coconut chips are usually used for salads, cooking and baking. The crunchy-looking texture of the chips will grab your attention even before you get to eat them.


Coconut Milk Yogurt

You have lactose intolerance and diabetes, yet you love yoghurt; well, now you do not have to grieve so much about it. Coconut milk yoghurt has no dairy at all and it comes unsweetened. That mouth-watering creamy thickness is very much present in the coconut milk yoghurt and with more calories. If you stay at someplace like Anantara Veli Maldives Resort or other upscale resorts, remember to ask for this dairy-less sugarless yoghurt.


Coconut Milk Ice Cream

This is good news for vegans. Like coconut milk yoghurt, you do not need any dairy to make this. What you simply need is a full-fat coconut milk along with sugar and vanilla extract, and you are guaranteed the nutritious benefit of this ice cream unlike other dairy-based products. If your child gets used to it, they may even learn to prefer this over traditional ice cream. Besides, the recipe to prepare coconut milk ice cream is not that hard and coconuts are available in most countries now.


Coconut Bacon

This is another amazing dish for vegans. The coconut's unique flavour makes it eligible for many recipes. Coconut flakes offer a diverse range of tastes depending on what you mix with them with. Coconut bacon does not contain any meat product, but it tastes delicious – even better than meat, for some. Even if you have a loathing tongue for bacon, you do not have to worry about tasting the coconut bacon - it has a heavenly taste, and you will never forget this simple coconut-based cuisine.