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Luxury Condos

Luxury living is no big deal as we offer an amazing range of living spaces with beautiful interiors, finishes, and all world-class modern amenities. Get in touch to get a better perspective!

Discover Toronto’s First Dedicated Documentary Cinema

Residents of The Davies Will Love Attending the Thought Provoking Events Hosted at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. To Be a Part of This Vibrant Community, Click Here

A Guide to Discovering the Toronto Summer Music Festival for Residents of The Davies

The Davies Luxury Condo Residents Attending This Classical Music Festival Will Have The Opportunity to Learn From Some of the World’s Greatest Performers.

Factors Driving Toronto's Housing Powers through the Roof

Real estate prices have continued to rise for the past few years in the Greater Toronto Area and as a result a lot of people now can’t afford buying a house there today. In such circumstances, new condos for sale in Toronto like the Davies new condo project in downtown toronto offers a more viable and better alternative for people looking to buy a home in Toronto.

Can Foreign Buyer Tax Cool Off The Housing Market?

Greater Toronto Area is in a housing crisis with prices of real estate going up and availability of houses going down. For people looking for other options, buying Condos in downtown Toronto has various advantages like reduced commute time, a vibrant social scene, good local schools, and an abundance of trendy restaurants, hotels and shopping centres.

Average Home Prices In March 2017 Inch Close To A Million!

When the benefits that come along with buying new condos for sale in Downtown Toronto are not just limited to luxurious housing at lesser rates compared to the Greater Toronto Area, first time buyers and young professionals should actively consider investing in luxurious mid rises like the Davies which offers a good mix of luxury and privacy.

Toronto's Luxury Real Estate Rental Market Surges Ahead Of World's Top Cities

The boom in the Toronto luxury real estate has driven prices and rentals way too high and availability of houses has gone down. New Luxury condos in downtown Toronto are a good alternative with close proximity to social places, local schools and shopping centers. Consider investing in luxurious projects like the Davies which are perfect for first time buyers and young professionals.

How to Get More Out of Your Counter Space

Being able to have everything you need on the counter and still have the room to prepare meals can be hard to achieve. Use our tips to help make the most of the space you have.

The Benefits of Living in A Condo in Toronto

If you’re thinking about moving into a condominium in the city but aren’t quite sure yet, looking at the benefits condo life has to offer may help you with making up your mind.

How to Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

There are simple ways to make a room look bigger, and most of them come down to how you choose to decorate and store your possessions. This is particularly true in your kitchen.

Easy Tips To Meet Your Condo Neighbours

Moving can be difficult and meeting all your new neighbours may seem overwhelming at first. When you live in a condominium, connecting with other people is much easier.

Feature Comparison: Condos Vs Apartments

Some people may think that living in a condominium is the same as living in an apartment, just at different costs. Actually, they can be quite different.

Discover Toronto’s Literary Wonders at the Robarts Library

Check Out List of Things To Do at Robarts Library For The Residents of The Davies Luxury Condos & See Why It's Considered One of Toronto’s Top 10 Landmarks.

SMV Design Brings Mid-Rise Luxury to Avenue Road - The Davies

Overlooking Robertson Davies Park, the site of Brandy Lane Homes' The Davies is part of a typologically varied stretch of Toronto's Avenue Road. With the breakaway 'Republic of Rathnelly' to its west, Summerhill to its east, and the rail tracks to its south, the Midtown project joins a topographically elevated neighbourhood of Victorian townhomes and midrise apartment buildings that overlooks a valley of skyscrapers below.

Davies, The

The Davies is a 9-storey condominium on Avenue Road beside Robertson Davies Park in Toronto. Being developed by Brandy Lane Homes, the building is designed by SMV Architects.

Why Your Condo Benefits From A Social Committee

Condominiums attract individuals from all walks of life. Whether you live in a low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise condo, creating a sense of community can be challenging. A lack of interaction can be an isolating experience for some but the arrangement of a social committee can help. A committee is typically composed of 5-6 members from the association who work together to organize social events and represent the voice of all residents who live in the condo.

Downsizing Tips For Moving From A House To A Condo

Downsizing to move can be a difficult task, but with the right preparation, it can be done thoughtfully and efficiently.

Making the Most of Your Floorspace

You may find that you have more objects than room to put them. What do you do when you have more stuff than space? These ideas can help you find storage solutions for your condo.

Why Living In A Condominium Is So Convenient

If you’re considering choosing a condo over a house, a list that lays out the benefits and conveniences of condo living would likely help you make your decision easier.

Better Condo Investment Approach In 2018

The current real estate investment trend prevailing in 2018 regarding luxury condos is the ‘buy, hold, and sell’ method. But will the short-term investment approach truly work?

Condo Design Trends for 2018

With the introduction of new condo projects in Toronto each year, the rules & trends of condo design keep evolving. This list highlights the top condominium design trends in 2018.

A Complete Guide to Investing in New Condo Projects

Before deciding to invest in a condominium in the greater Toronto area, it is important to have a strategy in mind. From the basics, to your goals and ROI, learn more here.

How to Make Money Investing in New Downtown Condos

Capital appreciation and rental income are the primary ways to make money on a condo investment. However, there are more things to know before deciding to buy a property.

New Trends in Toronto Condos this Fall

The sale of condo units has increased through 2018. The market is expected to continue performing well through the next few months, bringing with it new trends for the fall season.

Potential Risks of Owning a New Condo in Toronto

As with any major purchase, there are risks involved with acquiring a new condominium. These risks vary depending on whether you purchased the condo for personal or investment use.

Tips for Buying a Condo in Toronto in 2018

With several new condo projects being built in Toronto, condominiums are quickly becoming the most common new home build in 2018. Here are some tips for purchasing your own.