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Updated by Alexandra Wendt on Aug 01, 2016
Headline for On the Way to Mui Ne Things to do and see – mesmerised moments in Mui Ne
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On the Way to Mui Ne Things to do and see – mesmerised moments in Mui Ne

Once simply a small fishing village, Mui Ne now offers you quite a number of attractions. Beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets are well among them. And of course, there is a lot more.


White sand dunes

Vietnam's countryside invites you to a different plane of life. White sand dunes are quite a sight with their rough paths and vast stretches of sand. If you are into adventure, get on a quad bike and enjoy a thrilling ride on the rough terrains. Mui Ne's white sands run for about 25 km. If you have not tried quad biking before, then make use of this opportunity on your way to Mui Ne. If adventure is not your cup of tea, then go to the lotus pond and hang around until dusk settles in. Any resort like Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa will arrange transport for you to reach the white sand dunes. But if you miss the white sand dunes, a few kilometres away you will come across the Red Sand Dunes.


Sunrise and Sunset

If you ask which time is best to visit Mui Ne, it will be neither morning nor evening – it will be both times of the day. When you visit this tiny hamlet in the morning, or if you stay in a resort in Mui Ne, you will be able to bask in the warmth of the sunrise. Everything begins to have life at the exquisite sunrise. If you are a nature lover, this could be the best thing you can do: visit the village when it experiences sunrise. Same goes for the sunset. When everything settles down against the luminescent sky you will experience life slowly retreating.


Ride a bike

The best way to explore any country is a bike. Unlike a cycle, a motorbike will let you enjoy nature without sweating away. But be vigilant as you will have to travel through heavy traffic. You need to be particularly concerned about the bus drivers, as they are the fastest on the road. And do not forget to put on your helmet, more to avoid police cops, than for your own safety. Keep all that in mind, and enjoy the village on a bike. There are bikes available for rent.


Fish market

If you manage to wake up early in the morning, the fish market is the best place to go – if you are interested in local life. Every morning, fishermen approach the market with their catch. These fishermen are flanked by their families busying themselves with transactions and sorting out the catch. Their buyers mostly include food sellers and small scale restaurateurs. You would find the conversation a bit hoarse, if not raucous.


The Fairy Stream

You have covered both fishing villages and sand dunes, but yet you have not properly enjoyed your Mui Ne journey if you did not get to the Fairy Stream yet. Nestled between beaches and fishing villages, you will find this Fairy Stream with limestone formations as its giant neighbours. The waters are warm, trees are radiantly green and what else would a simple nature lover ache for? All that is found right in this Fairy Stream.