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Updated by James Sandoval on Dec 28, 2013
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The Best Things About Visokio's Omniscope

This list is for users/customers of Visokio's Omniscope to describe what they like most about the software.

London-based Visokio is the company behind Omniscope, which is desktop/server software for fast, visual data integration (ETL), data visualisation, automated reporting/dashboarding and much more.

Organising data in DataManager is awesome

Call me a geek, but I really love the De-Pivot, Field Organiser and the Record Filter operations in DataManager.

If I knew R, I have a feeling I'd use the R operation all day long.

As a digital marketing veteran, I'm also a big fan of the DoubleClick (DFA), Atlas, Facebook (Insights), Brandwatch and related API connectors.

API Connectors and Data Manager

Omniscope is a great tool. By using the selection of API connectors and DataManager, we are able to automate many of our data processes very quickly and scalably. Additionally, the ability to output into commonly used formats such as excel and powerpoint as well as powerful interactive visualisations makes for a very flexible setup. - Rob Webster, Head of Technology, MediaCom (London)

Data from Twitter API connector + Text Mining Operation

There are simply too many "best things" to highlight about Omniscope. If I had to pick a recent favourite it would be the ability to pull in data from Twitter using the API connector, perform text mine operations with ease and have sentiment analysis executed on the results. Clients and agencies love this feature too when displayed using the powerful visualisation modules. - ab | Analytics

Data Integration and Portability

We've used Omniscope to manage media data for clients, our ability to integrate multiple sources and manage through data manager has saved us a lot of processing time; additionally the high compression of the database means we are able to easily distribute 12 months of log level data by email. Oh, yes - we can also analyse multi-dimensional data saving huge amounts of time. - James Dutton, principal consultant, apac and emea,

All-in-one package!

Too many features to pick just one, so I will say this: if you want one single platform to take care of data importing, ETL, business processing, visualisation and reporting, and do it automatically, Omniscope cannot be beat! DataManager makes designing even the most complex of data flows intuitive and dare I say it even fun, and the many visualisation options make it a powerful tool for dynamic dashboard creation. Amazing! - Alec Stone, Data and Insight Analyst at Web Liquid London

Omniscope's Facebook API connector

Omniscope makes it incredibly easy to pull many different types of data from Facebook, analyse it, mash it up with other data sets and powerfully #dataviz it and more.

The video tutorial here will get you started really quickly:

Omniscope's pivot, de-pivot & transpose operations (.mp4)

Need to do time series visualizations? But the orientation of the data doesn't work? These operations make it extremely easy to change your data orientation and save enormous amounts of time.