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Updated by John Huh on Jul 30, 2016
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Pokemon Go Tricks that are as good as cheats

The popularity of the biggest mobile game in history has people looking for hints, tricks and even cheats. The demand for Pokemon Go tricks and tips that this game has created is incredible. There are many online tools out there, meant to help you locate Pokemon or even calculate which Pokemon is best to upgrade. But when the going is slow and you are looking for that additional edge, these 5 Pokemon tricks are so effective they could be considered Pokemon Go cheats.

These Pokemon Go tricks assume that you have already mastered the art of catching Pokemon, evolving them, throwing curveballs and identifying which Pokemon is the best in your collection. Advanced players who understand special move DPS, statistics for your favorite Pokemon and more, these Pokemon Go tricks are meant for the advanced player.

Need a beginner guide to Pokemon Go? Don't forget to stay safe while enjoying this augmented reality mobile game. And for the latest and greatest in Pokemon Go tips and tricks, subscribe to Pokemon Go Den today.


Capture and collect Pidgey

Capture and collect Pidgey

The higher level your Pokemon Go character, the better Pokemon you will discover and items you will get. Leveling up your character is relatively easy until the 20th level, but can become a real grind after that. When you find that your leveling up progress has come to a crawl, you can turn to this cute little Pokemon for help. This is one of the most effective Pokemon Go tricks to level up your character in no time.

Everyone's favorite or most hated bird, Pidgey is one of the most common Pokemon in the game. These weak Pokemon are plentiful and easy to catch. Make sure to collect as many as possible and don't evolve them until you use a Lucky Egg.

Why collect Pidgey? This Pokemon requires just 12 Pidgey candy to evolve. When you evolve a Pokemon, you are awarded 500 experience points. When you have 30-40 Pidgey to evolve and enough candy to do so, use a Lucky Egg to level up fast.

With an active Lucky Egg, you'll be collecting 1000 experience points for just 12 measly Pidgey candy. You'll level up in no time, and once you have an evolved Pidgeotto, simply turn him in to the Professor for another candy.