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Pokemon Go Tricks that are as good as cheats

The popularity of the biggest mobile game in history has people looking for hints, tricks and even cheats. The demand for Pokemon Go tricks and tips that this game has created is incredible. There are many online tools out there, meant to help you locate Pokemon or even calculate which Pokemon is best to upgrade. But when the going is slow and you are looking for that additional edge, these 5 Pokemon tricks are so effective they could be considered Pokemon Go cheats.

These Pokemon Go tricks assume that you have already mastered the art of catching Pokemon, evolving them, throwing curveballs and identifying which Pokemon is the best in your collection. Advanced players who understand special move DPS, statistics for your favorite Pokemon and more, these Pokemon Go tricks are meant for the advanced player.

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Capture and collect Pidgey

Capture and collect Pidgey

The higher level your Pokemon Go character, the better Pokemon you will discover and items you will get. Leveling up your character is relatively easy until the 20th level, but can become a real grind after that. When you find that your leveling up progress has come to a crawl, you can turn to this cute little Pokemon for help. This is one of the most effective Pokemon Go tricks to level up your character in no time.

Everyone's favorite or most hated bird, Pidgey is one of the most common Pokemon in the game. These weak Pokemon are plentiful and easy to catch. Make sure to collect as many as possible and don't evolve them until you use a Lucky Egg.

Why collect Pidgey? This Pokemon requires just 12 Pidgey candy to evolve. When you evolve a Pokemon, you are awarded 500 experience points. When you have 30-40 Pidgey to evolve and enough candy to do so, use a Lucky Egg to level up fast.

With an active Lucky Egg, you'll be collecting 1000 experience points for just 12 measly Pidgey candy. You'll level up in no time, and once you have an evolved Pidgeotto, simply turn him in to the Professor for another candy.


Evolve Eevee

Evolve Eevee

One of the most powerful Pokemon in the game is an evolved Eevee Pokemon. While Eevee is not especially powerful on his own, this Pokemon is easy to find and relatively plentiful.

Eevee can also be evolved into one of three very powerful Pokemon, a callback to the original Pokemon anime cartoon. From the powerful fire based Flareon, the water type Vaporeon and the electric type Jolteon, these three Pokemon are randomly chosen when you evolve Eevee.

However there's a Pokemon Go trick that allows you to choose the evolution of Eevee that you want. Most players pine for Vaporeon, a Pokemon that boasts lightning fast attack speed and high attack and defense statistics. In order to pick the evolution of Eevee that you want, you'll need to rename the Eevee after one of the three names in the original cartoon.

Based on the name you've given your Eevee, you'll get the next stage of evolution for this incredible Pokemon. Using this powerful attack Pokemon, you'll be ready to launch attacks on opposing team gyms.


Leave your phone plugged in and Pokemon Go open

Leave your phone plugged in and Pokemon Go open

You may have noticed that when your mobile phone's GPS system is hunting, your character walks for several steps in random directions. In order to take advantage of this GPS synchronization, you can plug your phone in on your desk and leave Pokemon Go open.

Over time it will slowly accrue valuable walking distance that can help you hatch Pokemon Go eggs faster. Not only that but this Pokemon Go trick will keep your battery full as well.


Pokemon Location Maps

Pokemon Location Maps

One of the biggest advantages to hunting down and tracking Pokemon, there are now multiple websites that will display the actual location of Pokemon in real time. Gone are the issues with the three step bug, and having to walk around to hunt for Pokemon.

Simply head to any one of these Pokemon locator websites and enter your address. You''ll get a real time report of which Pokemon are near you. This Pokemon Go trick is for advanced players and can take the fun out of playing the game, so be careful.


Calculate your Pokemon IV's

Calculate your Pokemon IV's

There are many statistics that make all the difference in Pokemon Go. Some of these stats are hidden, like IV or Individual Values. The IV rating is the measure of a Pokemon, because not all of them are created equal. In other words, just because you have two Vaporeon Pokemon, one of them will have more potential based on these hidden stats.

One of the most advanced Pokemon go tricks is to use IV calculators to help eliminate the costly trial and error of Pokemon Go. All you need to do is head over to the website created by the Reddit Pokémon Go community, the Silph Road, and enter your Pokemon information. For an easier or simpler calculation, you can also use this handy CP calculator as well.