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Searching for the Right Guy

Many little girls dream of their own “Prince Charming.” But once they grow up and still haven’t met him, it can lead to deep disappointment and loneliness. If you’re fighting for joy and purpose amidst singleness, we can help. This list is especially for you.

When is it the right time to date?

Have you ever wondered when it will be the right time for you to date? Should all dating relationships have marriage in mind? Check out this podcast if you're looking for answers.

What to look for in a spouse.

Alistair Begg candidly shares advice based on observations of his own marriage, as well as practical counsel on what to look for in a spouse.

Five Pieces of ‘Out-Dated’ Dating Advice

While you wait and want and date, don’t take more on yourself in your pursuit of marriage. At every step, look to God, every person’s hope for true happiness and the author of every Christian love story, and let your longing for marriage, your prayers, and your life make much of him.

Five Ways to Celebrate Singleness

When I moved out of my parent’s house, no one told me how to scrutinize my credit report, live on a diet of macaroni and cheese or handle disappointment if I didn’t marry by the time I turned 30 years old. Maybe I just didn’t feel like these were important issues at the time. Or maybe, like millions of other single women, I assumed that my Mr. Right would make me his bride, take care of the finances and encourage me to buy food that wasn’t of the pre-packaged variety.

The 5 Love Languages

Everyone is different, and that includes the ways we prefer to give and receive love. Take this quiz to learn more about yourself or your significant other, and how you can share and experience love more wholly.

The Dating Game

Ladies, do you have questions on dating, love, sex, marriage and everything in between? You're not alone! Check out the stories and advice of those who have walked this road before you.

Relationship Status and the Great Commission

Can both singleness and marriage be used to further God's plan for salvation? Join David Platt as he explores both possibilities.

The Sacred Search

Is marriage a means to an end, or is there a more intentional design behind it? If you're looking for a relationship that honors God and His purposes for your life, check out this resource from Gary Thomas.

Finding a Great Husband Doesn't Just "Happen"

5 things I wish my mom had told me about dating and preparing for marriage

For Girls: Relationship Advice

A guide with relationship advice for girls searching for a meaningful relationship.

The Dating Manifesto

"The Dating Manifesto" is neither a cheesy formula for finding a spouse nor a feel-good book about how the person for you is out there if you only believe. Instead, it's a challenge to wise up, own your junk, and chart a bold new course for your relationship future.

Stop Lying to Your Online Dating Matches

If you don’t like who you are, you're probably willing to deceive someone rather than be honest about your own life. This is a problem.

8 Things Healthy Couples Don’t Do

Last week, I saw a woman slam the car door in her husband’s face and storm off inside the grocery store. Then there was the couple sitting next to me, the man staring at his phone the entire time his wife shared with him her concerns about one of their children. I saw someone post a rant on Facebook about their spouse that ended with, “MEN!”

Single Truths for Single Christians

To be single in our evangelical Christian society is to be different, so we're left with a hounding question: What exactly is God doing with our lives?

What a Real Relationship Looks Like

Safe relationships are real relationships.

When Your Thing Doesn’t Become a Thing - Boundless

Experiencing the end of a dream can be painful, particularly if you felt it was a God-given dream. Here are four ways to recalibrate.

When You Learn About His (or Her) Sexual Past - Boundless

When a significant other opens up about their sexual past, you will likely need to navigate these five common assumptions.

Single / Dating / Engaged / Married - Breakaway Ministries

Ben Stuart goes through how to navigate the four critical seasons of relationship.

25: 6 Keys to Successful Dating - Justin and Abi Stumvoll | Podcast on Spotify

Listen to this episode from The Connected Life on Spotify. For many people dating can be vulnerable, scary, and feel as though there are no clear rules on “how to” do it right. But like anything in life, there is a lot of gray space when it comes to dating and rules are more like shackles than a map to freedom. In this episode Abi and Justin throw out the rules and instead dive into 6 helpful values to help you on your journey. If you’re single this is a MUST listen to episode!

Heart of Dating - The Heart of Dating Podcast

The Heart of Dating Podcast

  • Life is full of surprises, challenges and questions – and sometimes we all need help finding answers. Are you struggling in your marriage? Is your son or daughter involved in activities that have you worried? Or maybe you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy or navigating conflict with your aging parents. Whether you’re in the midst of a major crisis or simply a perplexing situation, we have compiled resources that can point you in the right direction. And remember – we’re constantly updating our content, so check back frequently for the latest and greatest resources.

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