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Updated by WhatUsersDo on Jul 29, 2016
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Flashback Friday: Best Articles in UX Design This Week (July 25-29)

What's the best of UX Design this week? We cherry-picked the most shared articles from around the web.

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Shweta Shidhore: One Millennial’s Fascinating Journey into the World of UX Design

By Partha Iyengar

“Don’t be defined by what you didn’t know or didn’t do. You’re deciding your life right now.” Shweta is a passionate millennial woman born and raised in India and now lives in the U.S. At 15, she started visiting regularly the famous Jehangir art gallery at Mumbai.

Hover is dead. Long live hover.

By Jordan Staniscia

During February 2013, the web underwent a huge change in how it was used and over three years later it is still a well guarded secret from engineers and designers alike. That month, two laptops hit the market: The Chromebook Pixel and the Microsoft Surface. These were the first mainstream devices to come with touch screen displays in a laptop format. Since then, the 2-in-1 has become a mainstay and, with them, the mouse hover has become largely unreliable.

A Psychological Approach to Designing Interfaces

By Kristof Orts

Do you ever get that feeling when you’re in a supermarket, looking at a sea of different types of toothpaste and you have no idea what to get? The reason why you get overwhelmed by these excessive options has to do with...

What every young designer should know

By Kenneth

If you are a product designer fresh out of college or the first hire to a company or even the only designer in your team, things can be hard at first. You don’t need to worry though, most designers go through this and how you deal with things will mould how you grow as a designer.

How to Change Your Career from Marketing to UX Design

By Teo Yu Siang via InteractionDesignOrg

There are a few good reasons why you might want to change your career from marketing to UX design. First, there’s the pay—sources like UXDesignerSalaries show that UX designers are paid a fairly handsome salary across the world (even as high as $97k in Switzerland). Furthermore, according to recuiting and HR company Brazen, UX design is the number one demand profession in the design field. Third, research by DMI shows that companies that invest in UX design boost their bottom line.

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