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Types of Spa treatments in Bali

A Land for Relaxation


Healing Spa

Utilizing a holistic approach to healing the body, this type of spa treatment, also known as a medical spa, seeks to instil the Balinese philosophy of balance in all aspects. This involves traditional beauty detoxification treatments, meditation, deep bodywork and an organic raw vegan menu. All treatments are usually performed by healers whose families have been engaged in the task of healing bodies for years. You would find many a Bali Resort & Spa dedicated to the art of healing treatments.


Ayurvedic Spa

Meaning "the knowledge of long life" in SAnskirt, Ayurvedic spa treatments are considered the oldest form of treatment in the world. Although ayurvedic treatments were initially a holistic approach to enhancing balance in the body, it has been transformed to focus more on relaxation and rejuvenation in the modern day.
This spa treatment makes use of herbal preparations and focuses on your chakra points to bring forth mental relaxation. A blend of aromatherapy oils and herbal concoctions are often used by the therapists for massaging the body to bring about cleansing and relaxation.


Traditional Balinese Spa

As is evident by the name, traditional Balinese spa treatment is what many seek when in Bali. It is popular to the point that tourist resorts such as Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa have their own dedicated spas catering to their guests. This treatment is characterised by its massaging technique of using the fingers and palm of the hand with movement variations such as press point and palm pressure. The treatment seeks to deliver a relaxed state of mind by improving the circulation of blood, oxygen, and energy through the body.
In addition to the massaging technique, the traditional Balinese spa treatment is characterised by its signature recipe: boreh. Boreh is a scrub made of natural herbs and spice that is rubbed all over the body. It creates a heating sensation, which is considered both a curative and a preventative treatment. While this is considered ideal for curing headaches, muscle aches, arthritis, and chills, expectant mothers are warned to not indulge in this.


Geothermal Spa

Although available only in the far North of Bali, this is a treatment that one must experience. A thermal spa is built around a natural hot spring, which means that the water is naturally heated and contains a high number of minerals. These minerals have numerous healing qualities and therapeutic values. Submerging one's self in these waters increases blood flow, body metabolism and improve the nourishment of vital organs.


Fish Spa

Very popular among tourists, this treatment is provided by Garra Rufa, a fish species that is fondly referred to as Doctor Fish. These fish consume dead human skin of the feet, making it an unusual and interesting cleansing process. While the initial sensation maybe rather ticklish and weird, it is a sensation that one gets used to quickly, and often enjoys in no time at all.