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Headline for Commuting in Phuket – A Marvellous Experience
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Commuting in Phuket – A Marvellous Experience

In Phuket beaches, shops and restaurants are spaced quite close to each other and are easily reached by walking. If not there are fun tuk tuks, local buses and other means of exotic transportation.


Phuket Tuk Tuks

Since most attractions on the island are spaced within short distances of each other a tuk-tuk ride can be fun and exotic. Mind you the space is limited with a maximum of 3 to 4 passengers being able to enjoy a comfortable ride. These however are ideal for zipping around the traffic streets and are best for rides of 30 minutes or less, due to the not so comfortable interiors of tuk-tuks. Bargaining skills go a long way when hiring a tuk-tuk. Costs vary depending on your destination, the beach area might be pricey; mind you prices are not always costed on distance hence ask the driver for the fare before setting off. Remember bargaining will get you a more precise rate and is expected.


Local Buses

The local buses better known as Song Taews are bright blue open air buses that give you a first-hand account of local flavours. The buses operate from 7 am to 6 pm and have the destination displayed in English on the front of the bus. The best part is as there are no specific bus stands, you can flag a bus down anywhere along the route. Town centres are the best places for catching a bus and in Phuket you may want to head over to the Market located on Ranong Road. Song Taews operate to many destinations across the island.


Grab Taxi App and Taxis

One taxi service operates from the Phuket airport on a fixed rate. You can opt to share the taxi or travel in privacy; a shared rate will be much less. Outside the airport and all around Phuket city centre you will find meter taxis for hire. The first 2kms are at a fixed rate with every additional kilometre being charged on a fixed per kilometre rate. Car taxis that are air-conditioned and more comfortable than tuk tuk's, are available outside Phuket luxury hotels; these too can he hired on fixed rates and as always bargaining is a necessity. The Grab Taxi App is very convenient as you do not need to flag down a taxi. From locations such as Anantara Layan Phuket Resort all you need do is get on the app and put in your location and destination; the nearest cab will respond. Rates are given in advance but the final fare depends on the meter reading. You can hire SUV's and more luxury vehicles via this app.


Airport Bus

This is a special bus service that operates to and from the airport. Air-conditioned vans are used for this purpose and if you are heading for the airport head over to the main Phuket bus terminal 1 in order to catch the bus to the airport. The bus has a wide route and covers a large portion of the island with pickup stops along the way to and from the airport.


Motorbike Rental

If you like a bit of adventure hire a motorbike to whiz around Phuket. It is a risky endeavour though as many bikes are not insured and you need to have an international or Thai motorbike license before making an insurance claim. All manner of bikes from the mild 50cc Hondas to big bikes to dirt bikes and road cruisers are available for rent. This, however, is an act for seasoned bikers as riding around the chaotic streets of Phuket can be quite risky.