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Top Adventure Activities in Warilla

A Destination Made for Adventure


Drive along the Grand Pacific Drive

The Grand Pacific Drive is a picturesque route along the spectacular coastline of New South Wales. The drive begins at the entrance to the world's second oldest National Park – Royal National Park – and is a 140km drive that winds through coastal rainforests, quiet seaside villages, the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge and much more. About 60km into the drive, you come into Wollongong, the main hub of the drive.
With the amazing view of the coastline to mesmerize you, you would be stopping every inch of the way to capture the beauty that is Warilla. An ideal family outing where the scenery is sure to keep even the fussiest little tourist occupied, drive along Grand Pacific Drive is a must-do when in the area. There is plenty of accommodation in Warilla if you are looking to stay the night, including the family friendly Little Lake Pleasures Warilla.


Walking in Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area

The Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area us a breathtaking formation that is over 30 million years old, that offered the visitor scenic lookouts, an opportunity to hike, to walk, bird observation, a jog, cycling and even a spot for a nice family picnic.
Ranging from sub-tropical rainforests to the famous Eucalyptus to towering cedar trees, the Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area is a formation of dramatically located sandstone cliffs. Adding to this already heady mixture is mountains that are accessible to any hiker, plenty of historical significance in the form of colonial as well as Aboriginal heritage and a significant collection of birdlife. It suffices to say that you will not be bored at Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area, no matter in which area your personal tastes lie.
Whether you are having a bushwalk or a casual jog with your partner, whether you are visiting in winter where you can go whale watching off the coast, whether you are arrive armed with binoculars to do some serious bird watching, whether you are driven by a desire for physical excursions and wish to cycle along the forest trails, Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area has everything and more, complete with shaded cool of canopies to retreat for a little rest. The area is also popular among local families for Sunday barbeques.
Although Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area is mere minutes away from the city centre, once you are in the middle of it all, you would be hard-pressed to remember that you are in fact not lost in a medieval story.


Activities at Lake Illawarra

Lake Illawarra, located between the Pacific Ocean and Illawarra Escarpment is about 10km in length and 6km wide. The water of the lake is a mixture of fresh and salty water, making it a rare water body, giving habitat to a niche number of species. With a maximum depth of about 4m, the lake is a popular recreational spot – famous for fishing, prawning and all water sports activities. You can hire a boat or a catamaran to have a ride on the waters, or make use of the caravan park that is close by. This place is popular for families, and children have a playground of their own which makes it a favourite for the weary parents.