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Top Things to do in Bhutan – A Curious Country

Bhutan is far from a traditional holiday resort but by no means is it mundane. Prepare for the unexpected, exotic adventures and a chance to relish traditions and customs as old as the mountains.


Check out Mount Everest

If the very title turns you off, stop! This is an endeavour that has you sitting comfortably in your plane; that's right you can check out gorgeous Mount Everest without so much as donning a pair of snow goggles. All you need for this is a window seat preferably on the left, for as your flight approaches the Paro International Airport you are rewarded with marvellous sights of the Himalayan Mountain Range and if your seating is on the left side of the aircraft chances are you will spot Everest itself. All in all this promises to be one of the most stunning landings you will ever experience on a holiday.


Be One with the Surroundings

Rediscover yourself as you immerse your senses in the Bhutanese way of life. Buddhism is more than a religion in the country it is the core of everyday life; you will notice this in many aspects of Bhutanese culture. The houses for instances comprise of 3 floors with the middle one being a dedicated shrine room. There are also many Paro hotel and monasteries that offer meditation as a way of relaxing mind body and soul within the tranquil environs of the country. Bhutan is so immersed in spiritual wellbeing that the simple act of walking besides the river or having a soak in the mineral springs of Tshachu promises to soothe and relax away the tensions of your modern lifestyle.


Enjoy the Pristine Surroundings

Bhutan has a marvellous policy where 60% of the landmass must remain as a forested region; as such you can expect no concrete jungles or bustling 'trafficy' streets; not even in the capital. Even the hotels in Paro Valley like the COMO Uma, Bhutan are set up in tranquil parklands boasting a serene ambience and undisturbed environs in which to relax. Do explore the national parks for sights of the beautiful Himalayan flora and fauna. A must visit is the Jigme Dorji National Park which apart for the exotic plant and animal life is home to the sacred mountains of Jomolhari, Jichu Drakey and Tsherimgang.


Enjoy the Altitude

Located at 23,000 feet above sea level Bhutan offers the adventure buff a load of activities such as river kayaking, mountain biking, trekking, hiking and rafting. There are many treks for various levels of fitness that take you across magnificent mountains, glaciers, glistening lakes and pristine forests. There are of course overnight treks for the nature lover and adventure seeker as well as day treks for those of you who like to return to the comforts of your luxury Bhutan hotel. Best trails are Druk Path Trek, the Snowman Trek and Jomolhari Laya Gasa Trek.


Try Bhutan's Favourite Cuisine

Chillies and cheese better known locally as Ema Datchi is the country's favourite dish. This is accompanied by chicken, pork and beef as well as a fine selection for vegetarians. Most dishes are cooked in cheese sauce and served on a bed of red rice.