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Must-See Temples in Phuket – Splendid Religious Attractions

The island of Phuket has acquired a reputation as a premier leisure destination. Here you will find a host of fascinating temples that are sure to capture the imagination of the sightseer.


Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is a picturesque Buddhist temple in Phuket which always makes a positive impression on the visitor. Frequented by local devotees who come to the shrine to pray and foreign sightseers who wish to understand Buddhism alike this temple is a popular attraction. This temple's Grand Pagoda which dominates the complex is thought to contain a bodily relic of the Buddha and is accordingly greatly venerated by local people. This pagoda is elaborately adorned with numerous paintings which depict scenes from the life of the Buddha. It is also a pleasant, breezy location that is an appealing place to relax and gain an insight into the religion of Buddhism.


Big Buddha

No sightseeing tour of Phuket would be complete without visiting the remarkable Big Buddha. This eye-catching statue has the distinction of being one of Phuket's most significant and venerated sites. This colossal Buddha statue is situated on the crest of the Nakkerd Hills and can be seen from a distance as it stands no less than 45 m in height. If you choose to visit this breathtaking monument you will also have the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views over the island, including sensational views over Kata, the town of Phuket, the beaches of Karon, Chalong Bay and so on.


Wat Khao Rang

The striking Wat Khao Rang is another popular temple in Phuket that is situated in an appealing location on the slopes of Rang Hill within Phuket town. The focus of attention here is the huge golden Buddha in the sitting position, which was one of the first such statues to be created in Phuket. The sensational Buddha figure is an impressive sight that always catches the interest of the observer. On weekends this temple is visited by numerous local devotees and is therefore full of activity. You will see that the grounds of the temple compound have two distinct sections; the earlier building with the Buddha figure and the temple constructed later.


Jui Tui Shrine

The attractive Jui Tui Shrine is a well-known Chinese place of worship that plays an important role in the yearly Phuket Vegetarian Festival. Situated in proximity to the island's principal market, this intriguing temple is frequently visited by sightseers as it is regarded as being amongst the oldest as well as the most revered religious sites in the area. The grounds of the temple are interesting to stroll through, and feature numerous photographs of this shrine in times past when it was only a solitary building without walls or secondary structures. As you experience these attractions in the island, stay at a luxury resort in Phuket such as the attractive COMO Point Yamu, Phuket, which makes an ideal base from which to head off on excursions to such sites.


Wat Phra Thong

The enigmatic Wat Phra Thong is an appealing place of worship that captivates the visitor despite the fact that it is not of great size. The principal attraction here is the gleaming Buddha image which can be seen half-buried; legend states that this statue is untouchable as all who have attempted to extricate it have apparently been cursed. This temple also has the distinction of being one of the earliest temples to have been constructed in the island. You will see that the temple compound also contains an engrossing museum which contains many fascinating exhibits donated by the people of the area.