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Updated by Seth Band on Jul 25, 2016
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Top Balinese Dishes to Try Out In Bali - Be a Foodie While You Travel!

The unpretentious flavours & time-tested spices of Balinese food makes them exciting. In Bali, you will definitely be spoilt for choice however, there are certain dishes are on the 'must taste' list.


Nasi Goreng

Let's start with the basics. Nasi Goreng is basically the most popular Balinese dish however nothing beats having one when you are actually in Bali. This is a popular staple for the locals. They have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – it's that good and quite filling. The dish consists of stir-fried rice with a combination of veggies and meats ranging from a fried egg, beef, strips of chicken, shrimp, lamb and a side salad with green peas and onions which are mixed with sweet soya sauce of chili sauce. Whether you order it from a Bali Spa Resort or roadside eatery, the local chefs have mastered the art of preparing an almost perfect dish.


Varieties of Sate

The Balinese Sate are quite a delight. These marinated, skewered and grilled meats and fish include chicken, goat, mutton, beef, pork, fish, tofu, eggs or minced blends as well as seafood such as squid and prawns. Bali has its unique sates such as sate lilit, which includes minced beef, chicken, fish, pork and if you are up to it even turtle meat. The meats are then mixed with coconut, coconut milk, and blend of veggies and spices. This sate is wrapped and not skewered on bamboo or any picks. You can try this with sauce or without, however, you do it, it's going to taste delicious.


Babi Guling

An iconic dish from Bali – the suckling pig or Babi Guling is pork rubbed with traditional spices and stuffed with vegetables and different leaves. Babi Guling was once a special cuisine prepared during special festivals and celebrations however it has made its way through to all types of restaurants and now an everyday meal that one can enjoy. If you are interested in finding some local culinary delights within your place of accommodation, the COMO Hotels & Resorts might be a good option for you, since their restaurants cook up some delicious meals for visitors


Bubur Injin

How can anyone forget the sweetest thing about Balinese food? Even though sticky rice pudding is a common occurrence in Southeast Asian menus, black sticky rice pudding or Bubur Injin is unique to Bali. This is a common dessert in the country however you find the tasty dishes prepared at the upscale restaurants. The pudding is served with slices of mango, jackfruit or lychees and topped with a scoop of ice cream. If you have a sweet tooth (or not) this is a dessert that you must taste.


Pisang Goreng

Another sweet delight you find in Bali is the Pisang Goreng, which is fried bananas. The country has a wide variety of bananas and the Pisang Goreng is usually served with honey, sugar syrup, coconut flakes or with vanilla ice cream. This is very common sweet meat you find on roadside stalls.