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Best Sri Lankan Cuisine to Try – Delights for the Food Lover

Visitors to Sri Lanka should take the opportunity to sample some of the distinctive local cuisine. From rice and curry to snacks and delicious sweets the local food is a treat for the taste buds.


Rice and Curry

The ubiquitous rice and curry takes the pride of place in virtually every Sri Lankan household. A traditional meal in Sri Lanka will involve rice, accompanied with a curry of fish, poultry or meat, alongside other curries made from an array of vegetables as well as pulses like dhal (lentils). Other highlights include condiments such as sambols and chutneys which serve as zesty accompaniments for the dishes. These condiments are typically savoury and spicy, being made from diverse ingredients such as onions, coconut, chillies and lime juice. In a typical meal all of the different dishes are arrayed on the table so that diners can enjoy all the dishes together.


Milk Rice (Kiribath) and Onion Sambol

The traditional dish of milk rice is always considered to be an essential element of Sri Lankan cuisine. As its name indicates this distinctive dish is prepared from rice; using a special method the rice is cooked with coconut milk creating the unique flavour of the dish. Milk rice is usually prepared for special occasions such as the local New Year, the first day of the month, and so on. Typically milk rice is served with lunu miris or onion sambol which is made with onion and spices. Bananas are also commonly served with the dish. Other varieties of milk rice include mun kiribath, which contains green gram, and the distinctive imbul kiribath which features a filling of coconut and jaggery.



There are a number of delectable sweetmeats that are an integral part of Sri Lankan cuisine. One of the most popular is kavum, a sweet battercake made from ground rice with treacle, which is fried in hot oil. Another savoury sweetmeat is kokis which is made from coconut milk and rice flour. On the other hand halape is prepared with a mixture of flour and jaggery, wrapped in a special kind of leaf. Not to be missed is thalaguli, which are balls of confectionery that contain a generous quantity of sesame. Another delicious creation is kalu-dodol which is a rich thick confection composed of jaggery, coconut milk and cashews.



The flavourful kottu is a distinctive concoction that is very popular amongst many Sri Lankans. Commonly consumed in street side eateries as a fast food, kottu is made with a unique preparation method that involves the vigorous chopping of the ingredients by skilled cooks. The ingredients used are pieces of local parata bread, vegetables, egg and often meats, all of which are stir fried along with a selection of spices. When prepared kottu has a special taste and aroma that will delight the diner. As you enjoy such cuisine at some of the best restaurants in Sri Lanka stay at a quality hotel such as The Blue Water Wadduwa that offers authentic local dishes as well.


Thosai and Vadai

The well-known thosai is a popular food in Sri Lankan eateries and cafes. Thosai can be described as a pancake made with lentils, which is made from a soft batter that is flavoured with curry leaves, fried shallots, cumin and fenugreek. This preparation is then cooked on a griddle and enjoyed with sambol and ground coconut. On the other hand vadai are small cakes which are formed of a savoury preparation that is fried in hot coconut oil. The ingredients used for this food include rice flour, ulundu flour, wheat flour, salt, sugar and yeast.