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React Debugging

Here is a list of ReactJS Debugging Resources that you might find useful!

Getting Started · Jest

Installation instructions for Jest, Facebook's Unit Test Framework, primarily used with ReactJS

Jasmine - Introduction

Introduction to Jasmine, Jest is based on Jasmine

Tutorial – React · Jest

Facebook uses Jest to test React apps

Module Testing · Jest

Dependency Injection is a way to mock dependencies in order to make code

Jest Unit Testing for React.js - Paperless Post Team Blog

It’s common knowledge at this point that unit tests have a variety of benefits. In this post I’ll be describing my trials and triumphs implementing Jest unit testing for React.js. Three aspects I grappled with while developing Jest-based testing were customizable defaults, manual mocking, and testing interaction with the document window. Customizable Defaults Every React …


tape - tap-producing test harness for node and browsers

How React Components Make UI Testing Easy

Fully testing user interactions is notoriously difficult. Front-end views aren't well-suited for traditional automated testing frameworks. Or they weren't, until React.js came along.

In today's article, Toptal guest author Swizec Teller shows us how React brings UI testing into the twenty-first century, with well-formed components and powerful testing tools.

Any good debug tutorial for React.js

I wonder if anyone could suggest a step by step beginner tutorial about how to debug React.js app? I am pretty new to React, right now the most annoying thing is there are a lot error shown up in ...

This tutorial shows you how to spot and fix bugs in React applications using Developer tools

React Development Tools is a Chrome plugin that provides handy ways to inspect and debug your React components.


grunt-karma - Grunt plugin for Karma.

React Ep. 11: Test React with Karma

Quick Karma and React.js demo. React Test utils library is here: React-Kindling code can be found at: h...