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Fun Facts About Maldives – Male Fun

For most travellers, Maldives is a beautiful cluster of islands and atolls. Not so much known to the outer world, the Maldives has a more fascinating side than its beaches.


Underwater Cabinet Meeting

The Maldives had an underwater Cabinet Meeting during the former President Muhammad Nasheed's regime. President Nasheed took that move to raise concerns about climate change and other related environmental issues. The President held the meeting under water along with 14 officials.


A coconut could decide on an election

Maldivians have a strong faith on supernatural beliefs – especially black and white magic. One such interesting incident took place in September 2013 where a coconut was spotted outside a polling station during the presidential election. The coconut was believed to have been put there to rig the election. Maldivians would often use the coconut in superstitious threats. Unfortunately the police could not arrest anyone. The mere sight of the coconut scared the government officials because of their strong faith in superstitious beliefs. If you are interested about coconut and other superstitions, ask the staff when you stay at local villa such as Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas or any others, and they will be sure to enlighten you more on the subject.


98 Percent Literacy

Believe it or not, the Maldivians can speak high of their literacy. That is an incredible increase when you compare the literacy rate statistics in 1978 – it was merely 70 percent back then. Maldivians have a strong attitude towards education. A major portion of the younger Maldivians believe that education is the only key to success. With the support of the government as well as non-governmental organisations, 100 percent of children have access to primary school. This is a drastic improvement when you look at developed countries like America where the literacy rate is gradually dwindling.


Ocean life

This is where the Maldives scores most, you are almost guaranteed to spot whales or dolphins, and better still, you can visit the Maldives any time throughout the year. Most of the best Maldives resorts will likely offer you dolphin or whale watching trips when you stay with them. The marine species you may have the opportunity to spot include false killer whales, bottlenose dolphins, dwarf sperm whales, spotted dolphins, real killer whales and pilot whales.


An exiled prince founded the Maldives

The geographical location of the Maldives is commercially beneficial. The real origins of the Maldivians are hard to trace. But it is assumed that people came from the neighboring countries like India and Sri Lanka. As historical narratives indicate, there was no proper government in the early days and the people who settled down in the island were pagans. If a kingdom was ever actually did exist there, it is likely that it could have been set up by the Indian king Kalinga's son. He was exiled because the king was not satisfied with his activities. He was exiled to Maldives.