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Updated by John Huh on Nov 18, 2016
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Top Ten Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the biggest mobile game in history, and when you play it it's easy to see why. Addictive gameplay and the treasure hunting aspect have over 64 million Pokemon players around the world constantly checking their mobile devices. The game has become so big in fact that people are getting injured while playing it. It's nothing short of a cultural phenomenon and it's not even available internationally yet. The response since Pokemon Go launched just a few weeks ago has been overwhelming to say the least. When you consider that the game isn't yet available in Asia and just recently made it's debut in Canada, you start to see how popular this game really is.

In other words, it a big deal.

Such a big deal in fact, that if you've ever thought it was impossible to fall off a cliff or get locked in a cemetery while playing a video game, you might want to reconsider. The Pokemon Go craze has people searching for How To Play tips and hacks, and there's even a wearable upgrade for the mobile game coming out soon.

But there's one question that most people want to know, what is the best Pokemon? Outside of everyone's favorite choice in Pikachu of course, there are many Pokemon in the game to choose from. When you want to learn which Pokemon are the best in Pokemon Go, this countdown will go over the Ten Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go, and break it down stat by stat. Let's get started.




This water type Pokemon comes in at number 10 in our Top Ten Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go countdown. His attack rating is fairly high, where he ranks 19th among all Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Although his defense rating is mediocre, Golduck's 194 attack rating put him head and shoulders above most Pokemon. He's a high damage dealer and capable of ripping apart the competition.

He uses two different kinds of attack which are similarly effective. Confusion and Water Gun are very fast and highly effective. Not sure what these values mean? Check out this guide to Pokemon stats here.

In short Golduck is one of the best Pokemon you can choose in your six man attack force against an enemy Pokemon Go gym.