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Updated by Austen Lewis Limited on Jul 15, 2016
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How to get that staging just right

Whether you are hosting a live show, a promotion, party or indeed any other event there are many different elements you need to get just right in order to make it a memorable shared experience. Seating, toilet facilities, food and beverages and access all play important roles, but for the entertainment itself the key to the success of any event is the staging. Here are some tips for this most important aspect.


Keep it simple

By this we do not mean boring. Many stages look cluttered and overcomplicated. Sometimes keeping it simple can be the most effective option - for the artist or artists presenting a show, or for the brand itself.


Impress with lighting

Effective use of lighting can make an event truly memorable. It can transport the audience into a different world and present them with an experience that just isn’t possible at home. No TV watching can ever compare with a live event, and the lighting, though fantastic to watch from a distance, is so much more memorable if you are actually there.


Top technology

We are used to working in a world where technology develops at breakneck speed but nowhere is it more important to make sure you are up to date than with staging. Make sure you make the most of well-placed HD and LED screens.


Stage sound

There is nothing worse than having spectacular visuals at your event but sound quality that is erratic or not sharp and clear to the audience. Remember also that performers benefit from knowing that the sound they produce is experienced as it is meant to be. A happy band or theatre group can have their performance enhanced by knowing sound production is perfect, making it a win - win situation all round.



If your event involves a series of performances then the staging has to be perfect for everyone. This means a fair amount of precision planning, and often some extra versatility too. Ensuring that the stage can be adapted quickly, simply and still meet everyone’s needs is an important consideration.