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Updated by Media Structures on Jul 15, 2016
Headline for What a great event can do to promote your brand
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What a great event can do to promote your brand

So much is required these days to take an event such as exhibition, a festival or a performance and make it a memorable immersive experience. If you want to promote a brand as part of the event (or indeed that is the sole purpose of the event) then here are some expert pointers on how to achieve exactly that.


Immerse the senses

A great event is one where all the senses are heightened. Traditionally brand events have tended to neglect the sense of smell, but having a fragrance associated with the experience has proven to be worthy and value - adding to many successful events.


Pump it up

Pump it up

The adrenaline that is! Whether or not people realise it, a heightened sense of emotion, be it fear, happiness, nostalgia or anything else can really help make a positive connection with the experience and the brand itself.


Surround the audience

There should be no escape from the experience itself. Visual and aural experiences that surround you, being seen from all angles are so much better than watching the action via one set, or one screen.


Keep the conversation going with a story

If the event is aimed at brand promotion then ensure the final moments are not a straight plug for it. A good event will be remembered and messages will be heard and received throughout the duration, so it isn’t necessary to try too hard in the final moments.


The Bought- In crowd

If you can, be selective and choose those that have already bought in to your brand and are part of your valuable customer base. By making sure those who are genuinely interested are invited, rather than a more ad hoc invitation list, the event will be a success.