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[List]Smart Agriculture / Urban Farm in the city


Here’s the thing, you know you have to recycle waste, and many of us go through the motions, but there’s a percentage that finds excuses for not doing so. With the Braun Envi urban dustbin, you are actually doing your bit by “promoting composting from biodegradable waste.” Basically when you toss your apple core into this bin, bio-reactive substances based on photo catalysis start doing their job and rehashes the trash as compost. The substances also remove odors and speed up the process. The idea is to use these huge bins in public spaces, where people can drop their biodegradable trash, and the compost be collected and used later on.

This open source CNC system integrates high-tech automation into backyard farming

This story might more properly belong on RobotHugger, but with its open source DIY approach to small-scale food production, FarmBot is worth a look.


No. It isn’t sorcery. The Verdure is most definitely an automatic herb planter. Just place the seeds in the appropriate place and fill the water reservoir, and it’ll grow on its own, water itself, even give itself sunlight!

An Ecosystem that Grows Plants Anywhere - Design Milk

Mygdal is its own self-sustaining ecosystem where it mimics sunlight causing plants to perform photosynthesis - meaning, it requires no work from you.

Are 'Treescrapers' the Future of Dense Urban Living?

A vertical garden tower just won a significant award for architecture. Is it time to start taking these designs seriously?


株式会社ハンズエイド イノベ部は、スマートフォンで育てるIoTスマートプランター「planty」の日本先行予約販売をクラウドファンディングサイト、GREEN FUNDING by T-SITE(グリーンファンディング)にて開始した。同製品はプランター本体に埋め込まれたセンサーが「土壌湿度」「室温」「周辺光」「タンクの水量」を測定し、アプリを通してユーザーにアドバイスを送る世界初のIoTプランター。ボタン一つで外出先から水やりをすることができ、登録された家族や友人、恋人と同じ植物を一緒に育てることが可能だ。植物を育てたくても育て方が分からない、毎日状態を見てやれないなど、少しハードルを感じてしまう人に栽培の楽しさを感じてもらうことのできるプロダクトとなっている。

6 Stylish Systems to Keep Your Organic Vegetable Garden Growing Year-Round

No need to wait for spring to enjoy fresh produce at home: we've rounded up six systems that can help you continue to grow your organic vegetables year-round.

Top 10 Best Products for Urban Vegetable Gardens

Urban Gardening is popular for city dwellers who want to grow food and beautify their urban neighborhoods. These are the best products for urban gardeners.

Top 5 Best Urban Gardening & Farming Books

Urban gardening lets city dwellers add a bit of green into their lives, whether you plant flowers on your balcony, veggies on your patio or start an urban farm.

Repurposed shipping containers may be building blocks for modular vertical urban farms

One potential solution for producing more food in the city, while recycling waste and water, is creating modular vertical farms from shipping containers, such as Hive Inn City Farm.

Flatpack hydroponic garden delivers 538-square-feet of fresh food to cities

Human Habitat hopes to bring communities together by fighting “food deserts” and offering fulfilling employment with its urban Impact Farm.

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Urban-style organic gardening blog about growing your own food with limited space and creative resources.

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