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Top 10 Tips To Disk Cleanup and Speeding up For Mac and Windows

This list is about software likie disk analyzer.


Hard Disk Space Usage Analyzer And Manager | Disk Clean up

Disk analyzer pro is a software which is available for both windows and Mac. This software delete all unnecessaey files in you sysytem and cleans the disk. So, you can get more space in your system.

Disk Cleanup Tool to Free up Disk Space

With the use of Disk Analyzer Pro you can clean up space in you OS x Mac. Doing so you will get free space in your device and thus the performance of Mac will also be improved.

Disk Analyzer Pro - Hard Disk Space Usage Analyzer And Manager in windows

Disk Analyzer Pro for Windows is a software which is used to analyze the space in your hard drive and it can also free up space in windows so that you can better organize files in hard drive.

How to Update Outdated Drivers on Windows XP/7/8/10

Everyone wants smooth and fast working of PC. And to keep system working well you have to pay attention to your drivers. Drivers get outdated after a period of time. You have to update them to keep PC performance good. In this article you will find How to Update Outdated Drivers on Windows XP/7/8/10.

A to Z of Pokemon GO: It’s the new Viral!

At this time Pokemon Go is the hottest topic in all over the world. People are crazy about this game. But do you know history and another information about this article. It is given in this article click this title and you will find A to Z of Pokemon Go the new Viral.

Tweak Photos - Your Ultimate Batch Photo Editing Tool!

How many times have you sat gaping at your computer with piles and piles of photos? From the last vacation you took to the wedding at which you just couldn’t stop clicking picture

Top 10 Disk Cleanup Tools to Speed Up Windows XP/7/8/10

Great news for the people who are anxious about there system's speed because there are so many tools available which can speed up windows XP/7/8/10 likie DiskAnalyzerAro.

How to Fix Slow Running Window 7 PC - Optimize PC for Better Performance

Windows anniversary updated has been rolled out and now you have some new tips to speed up your windows 7. To know what you can do new to speed up your windows click on the title and find an amazing information.

The 13 Best New Features in Windows 10 Anniversary Update 2016

And now the time is here, the curtain has risen. Microsoft is all set to offer a goodie bag with some super amazing updates to users. These lists updates that might drop your jaw

5 Easy & Effective Ways to Speed Up Windows XP

If you are using windows xp in your system and suffering from slow speed of it then you need to know the tips and tricks to speed up your windows xp click on the title and you will find the easiest ways to make your windows faster.

10 Best Duplicate File Finder Tools for Mac in 2017

Some times our Mac computer is out of space and one of the most responsible things for this is duplicate files. So, we can reclaim the lost space using any duplicate file finder software.

How To Disable OS X Beta Program In Mac

beta programs are utilitarian tools for developers, so that they can start integrating the latest Apple technologies into their apps. It makes the apps up-to-date when the software becomes available to the public.

How to Identify and Terminate Keylogger on Mac

There are strong chances that you fail to identify and terminate a keylogger on Mac due to their property of being camouflaged.

Batch Photo Editing Tool for Mac Users - Tweak Photos

There are a lot of software available to edit batch photos so, you might be confused but I am going to tell you the best software to edit batch photos.

How To Add Administrator Account On Your Mac

Every Mac comes with an administration account and you should use these feature this is quite handy. Here is given steps to add an administration account in your mac.

7 Best Exif Data Remover & Editor For Mac

Whenever we take a oic then there are some information that is stored with the image. This infrmation is called meta data or exif data. When we share the image online then along with the image this inforamtion is alson shared. Some times we do not want to share this information. Fortunately we can change or edit this information by using a software which is called photos exif editor.

Top 5 Troubleshooting Tips for Mac Startup Problems · TechMagz

Following above-mentioned steps, you can fix certain startup related issues on your, Mac. In other start-up related issues, you can repair a hardware, create a spare user account to help in troubleshooting, set Mac’s startup device and do much more.

10 Best Ways To Speed Up A Slow Mac

Mac is one of the best computer and operating system in the world but is it also shows performace then it means you have not done any optimization in your mac. So, if your mac is not performing well then you need to optimize your mac to get a better performance. There could be many resons behind a slow mac. One of the most common reasons is there is so much junk in your system os, if you want to enjoy a better performance in your mac then you need to clean your mac. Not only the internal cleaning hardewre cleaning can alos help you to get a high performance. Along with this ther are some very easy tips to boost performance of your system. Here are given some of the best and easiest tips speed up your slow mac. So, just go through the tips and enjoy a faster mac.

Top 5 Reasons Why Mac Is Better Than PCs

Mac and PCs both are loved in worldwide although PCs has more number of users than Macs because PCs are cheaper than Macs. Macs are costlier than PCs but these are also better than PCs. There are some thigs which declare Macs better than PCs like if you want to troubleshoot your Mac than it will be better than a PC.

10 Best Antivirus Software For Mac 2017

Using an antivirus for any system will be smart idea becaue we have sensitive data on our system and this data can be stolen or hacked as it has happened with many famous celibrities and a lots of common people have also been targeted by hackers. Hackers can target your computer with many things like virus, malware, spyware and now a days most popular is ranosmware. In ransomware hacker lock you out of your computer and demads ransomware to unlock the data. This is also a type of malware. To avoid all these threats using an antivirus softeware would be the best solution. Now you should be thinking that which antivirus you should be using. Then reduce this delemna here are listed top 10 antivirus programmes for Mac whihc are able to protect your Mac and data stored in this from malicious activities.

How To Find And Remove Duplicate Music Files On Mac

If you are using a Mac and you are having so many duplicate music files in your system then it would be very irritating when you want to find a prticular song to listen and if you find a song multiple. It spoils the management of your system and duplicate music files also consumes precious disk space in your system.

How to Clean My Mac

if you are using Mac for a long time then there are possibilities that you can see a lower performance of your device. It can happen due to many things like- less disk space, junk files, cache files, unoptimized system etc. So, if you want the performance of your Mac at its best than you need to fix all these problems. Some of the problems can be fixed to an extent using inbuilt functions in Mac. But if you want everything perfect then there are some software available on internet to help you. There are given some of the best tips and tricks to clean your Mac.

7 Common macOS Sierra Problems and Their Solutions | TechJeny

Mac is a very popular device among users in all over the world. It is known for its speed and security. But still there could be generated some issues in the operating system. We have discussed few common macOS Sierra related problems and solutions here. You can follow mentioned steps to fix some common issues on you Mac. It will not only help you fix some common problems but you boost your Mac performance.

How to Edit EXIF Data of Photos on Mac – Systweak Software – Medium

Each photo that you click from your camera device, doesn't only bring that piece of visual but it contains a lot of other information along with it in the form of metadata. This metadata or EXIF data includes information like camera like & model, serial number, date & time, creation date, ISO, focal length, orientation, author by-line, headline, object name, category, modify date, latitude, longitude, and much more. Further, when you store these images from camera to your system, all this metadata information also come along.

10 Best Mac Anti-Malware Software 2017

Using and antimalware is one of the best ways to protect your Mac from hacking any cyber threat. There are described the best anti-malware for Mac you can choose any one of them as per your choice and requirement.