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Updated by Domestique Franchise on Jul 14, 2016
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The Biggest Pros of Starting a Domestic Cleaning Franchise

Starting a small domestic cleaning business can be very challenging experience, even in the best of times. Even once the initial hurdles of setting up a business have been overcome, the real hard work is developing your brand and building up your business and customer base. With this in mind, buying a domestic cleaning franchise has many advantages:


There is a huge marketplace for domestic cleaning services

Many households in the UK are benefiting from increased disposable income, however, due to a lack of time, there is a large demand for domestic cleaning services. By becoming a franchisee, you can take advantage of the growing domestic cleaning market in a proven business model.

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Enjoy more time to yourself

As so much support is provided to cleaning company franchisees, you can benefit from gaining more time for yourself. Running an independent business can mean working extremely long hours that can impact on your family life as well as being able to deal with other important tasks. On the other hand, the franchise business model is proven and successful, so you can simply focus on growing the business.


Banks are supportive

A strong advantage of franchising is that the major banks are generally very supportive of this and can provide a number of different funding options to help you start your domestic cleaning business.


You are the business owner

As a franchisee, you run your own business under an established brand. This means that providing you follow the system put in place by the brand, you can make your own decisions and decide what steps to take.


There’s no need to worry about employee contacts, sick pay or holidays

By becoming a domestic cleaning franchisee, you don’t need to worry about providing employee contracts, or deal with sick pay or holidays. All contracts, sick pay and holidays are negotiated with head office.


Domestic cleaning franchises offer essential support

One of the biggest benefits of joining a cleaning franchise is the initial and ongoing support that you receive. For example, along with start-up training and financing, additional support is provided in the form of all business software being set up for you, a web page being created, along with support in a variety of other marketing tools.

In addition to this initial support, in order to ensure the success of franchises, domestic cleaning organisations provide a wide range of ongoing support, for example, further training, ongoing supervision and management support.

Franchises have a proven business format

As a franchise is simply a small branch of a larger business, the business format is firmly set in place and proven to work. Franchisees can follow a set system rather than having to take the time to establish this themselves as an independent business owner would.