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Updated by Grazitti Interactive on Jun 02, 2020
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Salesforce’s Lightning Customer Community Update: What’s In It for You?

Check out this blog to see what Salesforce's Lightning Customer Community update has in store for you.

Lithium Salesforce Case Connector – Enhancing Salesforce’s Case Management Capabilities

Check out this blog to learn how to escalate Salesforce cases directly from your Lithium community.

How to Host & Promote a Webinar Successfully?

Know the best practices on how to host and promote a webinar successfully

Webinar on Lead Nurturing in Marketo

Nurtured leads produce an average of 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads. Watch this webinar to leverage lead nurturing in Marketo.

Seamlessly Integrate Salesforce and JIRA

The Salesforce JIRA connector is the simplest, and straightforward approach for making your JIRA and Salesforce Service Cloud talk. Read our blog to know more

Digital Marketing: From a Buzzword to Mainstream

According to Forbes, US Digital Marketing spend will be approximately $120 billion by 2021. For more such interesting facts, read our blog -

Delivering Effective Customer Service – Think Beyond Customer Support Team

To provide effective customer service, an organization can not - and must not - rely on only one team.

5 Must-Have Apps to Become More Efficient at Dreamforce 2017

Enhance your efficiency at Dreamforce 2017 and drive desirable results leveraging 5 mobile apps. Check the blog for more information.

Create Perfect Live Chat Customer Experience Leveraging Rest API | Grazitti Interactive

Customizing Salesforce live chat functionality with Rest API can help businesses deliver seamless user experience. Check out the blog to get more information.

Pragmatic Approach to Martech Investments | Grazitti Interactive

Know about the 5 Keys to Being Pragmatic When Making Martech Decisions

5 Things to do with your Leftover Marketing Budget

2017 is coming to an end and you still have some cash left in your marketing budget. So what do you do with it? Find out more in our blog

5 Ways to Use Leftover Sales Budget | Grazitti Interactive

There are many options to use your leftover budget for 2017, use it to finish the year with a bang and ramp up the sales operations efforts for 2018.

How to Spend your Leftover Digital Marketing Budget | Grazitti Interactive

Are you looking for ways to spend your leftover digital marketing budget? Check out these 5 ways to utilize your unspent dollars and make the most out of your digital marketing strategy

5 Things to do with your Leftover Online Community Budget

Are you left with unspent online community budget? Worry no more! Here are 5 things you can do to improve your online community with the leftover budget.

How to Use Leftover Analytics Budget | Grazitti Interactive

Wondering how to utilize your leftover analytics budget? Here are 5 best ways to make the most out of it while optimizing your data strategy.

How to Spend your Leftover Customer Service Budget | Grazitti Interactive

In order to keep your customer service budget from shrinking next year, you need to make sure to spend all leftovers. Read our blog to know how

Top 5 questions of a Jive-x community manager planning to migrate to Lithium

Read the blog to know how jive-x community managers can make a swift transition to Lithium within 4 weeks & without losing out on key features and integrations.

M-Clean: An Effective Dedupe Solution for MS Dynamics | Grazitti Interactive

If you are an MS Dynamics user and are struggling to maintain a duplicate-free database, this blog post is for you.

Sell More With Accurate White-Space Analysis | Grazitti Interactive

White space analysis streamlines the sales efforts and gives you a better view of the share of the wallet of your customer. Read our blog to know more

Improve Customer Loyalty with Magento-Marketo Integration | Grazitti Interactive

Learn how ecommerce businesses can improve customer loyalty and retention with Magento and Marketo integration. Read more here

6 Elements of a Winning Online Community | Grazitti Interactive

In this blog post, we will discuss the 6 crucial elements you need to create a customer-centric and ROI-driven online community.

Top 5 Trends in Customer Service/Success for 2018 | Grazitti Interactive

Why would you care to give this a thought? 2018 hints at being the year of Customer Success. Read on to know how you can crack the code to Customer Success

How to de-stress your support agent by improving collaboration with the product team

Customer support agents are always on an expedition to find the right information. But the lack of proper tools/resource don't allow them to reach their goals.

Top 5 Trends in Digital Marketing for 2018

Digital is a way of life now. So, why should Marketing be any different? We have outlined our predictions for Digital Marketing in 2018. Read on.

Top 5 Trends for Sales Operations in 2018

What is in store for Sales Operations in 2018? Empower your sales folks and bring comfort in the Sales panic room.