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Digital Marketing

Collection of the most useful articles on digital marketing and everything related to it. Here you can find tips, tools, trends and other useful information.

How to maximize ROI on your content marketing - Tip My Business

How much traffic do you generate from the content you wrote almost 6 months back? Have you ever tried to answer this question? If not let us start now. Check your existing content and find out the traffic that your content has received in the last half year. Can your content benefit more number of people in future than the number of readers it is benefitting today? More visits from existing content means higher Return on Investment on your content marketing. So if you wish to generate more traffic, you can do it via promoting existing content and that will require significantly less efforts than creating new titles. Imagine if you have 50 blogs on your website, and if each blog generates 10% more traffic than your overall blog traffic can be increased by more than 500%. Isn’t it awesome..

6 sites that can boost traffic to your blog | Tip My Business

Are you writing high quality blog posts but do not know where to get more readers? Here is the list of high quality content sharing sites that can help!

Social Media Marketing Evolution 2016 | Tip My Business

If you want to grow your business with the best social media marketing techniques | The best way is to analyze and learn history of smm

5 Things You Must Do After Publishing a Blog Post - Tweak Your Biz

As a blog owner, what is the average number of comments you have received on each blog post?

5 Things That Make Digital Marketing Projects A Success

A stitch in time saves nine – anyone who works in digital marketing should always remember this proverb. Spending a little time at the beginning of a project will help immensely in executing your s…

Marketo Got Sold. What Does This Mean For Industry?

Marketo, a leading marketing software giant has been acquired by a private equity firm Vista Equity Partners in an all-cash deal of $1.79 billion. Founded by Phil Fernandez and Jon Miller in 2006, Ma…

Developing A Digital Marketing Strategy | Tip My Business

Here are 4 things and tips that will help you to develop the best digital marketing strategy and get good results on your first digital campaign

3 Problems Faced by Marketers in Curating Content

Technology is the best friend of successful content marketers. Stiff competition and short attention span of users have forced marketing professionals to deliver top quality content quickly. From pic…

Predictive Marketing Is A Right Decision For Your Business - Tweak Your Biz

Predictive marketing is a phenomenon that will only get better with time! If you want to be on the top check how it can help your business!

How To Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace | Tip My Business

Excellent quality will not help you succeed in an overcrowded marketplace. At a time when imitation has become a norm, it's hard to differentiate the brand

How To Make Your App Go Viral | Tip My Business

Every developer’s ultimate desire is to make their go App viral. However, not all excellent and useful apps go viral. So, what differentiates viral apps from other great apps that are equally useful? While there could be many differences ranging from design to usability, there are some features or marketing techniques that can make an app viral to an extent. Before we discuss these strategies, let us understand a term, coefficient of viral growth that is used to measure virality. If the coefficient of viral growth is 1, it means each user refers one additional user. If coefficient of viral growth is greater than or equal to 1, your app will be exponentially viral. If the coefficient of viral growth is less than one, then the app will partially be viral. In this case, you need to retain your existing..

How to Get Clients from Social Media to Your Freelance Profile

Freelancing is the first step towards fulfilling your entrepreneurial dreams. Here are 5 ways you can get clients from major freelance marketplaces.

3 Efficient Steps to Maximize ROI on Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool to grow your business and here are 3 the steps to get maximum from your campaign.

Use Facebook Live Video to Set Your Small Business Apart

Live broadcasting is the latest trend in social media space. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat are the major social networking sites where live video content is gaining momentum. Millions of s…

  • I have started to work online 5 years ago as a customer support manager. Before this I've worked in a law company and got a Master's degree in Law. For this period I worked hard to become a specialist in digital marketing and project management. Because business is my passion and I like to do it!

    For now I have a lot of projects online and working as a marketer and manager on them. Also I decided to start blogging, because I've got a lot of skills and experience in different areas and I decided to share them and try to help people to avoid some problems which I had. Also to get a new skills which can be useful in their offline and online business and hope in life in general.

    Here is some of my projects: Blog for marketers and freelancers Tip My Business.

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