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Updated by Kathy Waite on Aug 11, 2016
Headline for July 2016 Top reads and best best videos collated
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July 2016 Top reads and best best videos collated

I know you are busy and can't scour the papers and web for information so heres the top blogs, news articles and videos, added daily.
This is the month new rules on disclosing fees and performance commence so will be interesting to see how its reported

How much of your savings are skimmed off in fees?

Recent enhancements put in place by the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) have sought to better align the interests of investors and the investment industry that serves them.

2/3 of people dont know what their investments cost them.
On average 1/3 of your money disappears in fees every 13 years

Investment companies still not telling you the truth

Despite the disclosure for fee and performance deadline having passed some are still claiming system hiccups and won't give you the important info on fees and returns to 2017
Well I guess its taken 10 years to get here so whats 6 months/
Ask what they are so afraid of you seeing?

Canadians Lack Awareness of Investment Fees. Whose getting rich you or the investment company?

For a long time, Canadian investors have been kept in the dark about how fees are charged for investment services and the many associated conflicts of interest that can exist,” said Andrew Kirkland, President, Justwealth. “This veil of secrecy has contributed to an erosion of trust in traditional investment models. CRM2 will go a long way in repairing this trust, and we applaud the upcoming changes.”

Almost two-thirds of survey respondents did not know exactly how much they paid in annual investment fees.

“As investors come to understand exactly what they’re paying in fees, investment firms will be under the microscope to explain the value they provide their clients,” said James Gauthier, Chief Investment Officer, Justwealth. “There’s been some scrambling and damage control within the industry in reaction to CRM2.
Mr. Gauthier added, “The impact of fees can be devastating for an individual’s wealth over time. High mutual fund fees or excessive investment advisory fees can eat up more than half of an investor’s savings over their investing lifetime.

Why won’t Canadians pay for investment advice?

Choosing investments based on the lowest cost? You need to think again – and don’t be afraid to ask for help

I think the short answer is because the costs are hidden , commissions are embedded in products , the industry has taught people financial advice is free. However usually anything free isn't really valued or acted on.

‘Clients want to hear from their advisors’ on CRM2. What the heck is CRM2? if you don't know call me

Your advisor now has to tell you how much you pay for your investments and how they are doing in a simple way
Not getting the message?
What do they have to hide?

Call me

How to retire early. Keep it simple. Stick to your plan.

Retirement planning doesn’t have to be a complex process. Here are the key strategies learned by people who have retired early — 35 years early.

The End Of History Illusion And Goal Based Investing

Its quite a relief to read this , so many people dont have GOALS , they just want to NOT worry about the future