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The Top Nature and Wildlife Activities at Port Stephens – The Best Ways to Experience Port Stephens

Port Stephens in New South Wales is known for mesmerizing natural beauty and exciting wildlife attractions. It offers some truly amazing activities to really experience nature & native wildlife.


Dolphin Watching and Swimming with Dolphins

Port Stephens is one of New South Wales' largest natural harbours, and its waters are home to many fascinating species of marine life. One such species is the bottlenose dolphin. The waters are home to many pods of bottlenose dolphins, and taking a cruise out on the waters will allow you to witness these playful and intelligent creatures as they swim and leap out of the waters. And if watching these marvellous creatures from afar isn't good enough for you, just head down to Dolphin Swim Australia, where you can swim and play with these creatures.



There is no better way of exploring the beauty and tranquillity of a destination such as Port Stephens than by hiking through its breathtaking hiking trails. Some of the most recommendable trails include the Fort Tomaree trail, the trail to Yacaaba Headland and the Wreck Beach trail. While almost any hike through the many trails will give you great satisfaction in terms of the scenery and beauty of the nature, it is the Tomaree Head trail that is considered the pinnacle of hiking in Port Stephens. This is because Tomaree Head trail leads to the summit of Tomaree Head, giving those who make the trek the opportunity of witnessing breathtaking panoramic sights of the surrounding area.


Diving at Fly Point Park

Fly Point Park is one of the best places in Port Stephens for diving and snorkelling. The waters here are rich with marine resources, giving divers and snorkelers plenty of coral reefs, marine life, and other amazing things to witness. There are so many great sights to see at Fly Point Park that it is often described as being an "underwater oasis" for diving enthusiasts. So if you are into diving and wish to see some truly stunning underwater sights, Fly Point Park is the place to be. Oaks Lure is a well placed Nelson Bay resort within easy reach of this popular site.


Visit the Stockton Sand Dunes

There is something about sand dunes that make them simply mesmerizing, and the same is true of the Stockton Sand Dunes of Port Stephens. These dunes spread over a vast 32km2, and is regarded as the only one moving sand dunes in the southern hemisphere. A visit to the Stockton Sand Dunes offers you the opportunity of experiencing its unique beauty and taking some great photos. There are many ways by which you can explore these sand dunes; on foot, on horseback, on a quad-bike, or on a 4x4. But no matter what way you choose to do it, the experience at Stockton Sand Dunes is sure to be unforgettable.


Visit the Australian Shark and Ray Centre

The Australian Shark and Ray Centre is exactly what it sounds like, a centre dedicated to fostering and nurturing two of the most fascinating, yet misunderstood, creatures of the deep blue sea; sharks and rays. Visiting this state-of-the-art centre allows you to interact with various species of sharks and rays, and gather some great insights about these creatures. It's a wildlife experience unlike any other.


Parks and Reserves

Port Stephens is home to many parks and reserves with bountiful natural resources. Ranging from luscious forests to stunning marine parks, the sights and scenes offered by these parks and reserves are almost endless. Check out the Tilligery Habitat Reserve, the Tomaree National Park, the Myall Lakes National Park, and the Great Lakes Marine Park.