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BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

10 Emerging Education Technologies

Individualism, Shared Information, Hands On, and Flexibility are common themes addressed in this article. Wearable tech, BYOD and mobile learning account for some of the individualism theme while cloud computing, collaborative and openness are included in Shared Information heading. Under Hands On, you can find 3D Printing, while Flexibility consists of Flipped and Blended Learning, Online Learning and Gamification.

6 Ways Social Media Can Change Your Classroom

Today, many forward-thinking teachers are embracing gadgets and social media as a way to connect with students, families, and other classrooms. This article list a few ways that using social media via BYOD can change the classroom for the better.

Bring Your Own Device: The Next Big Trend in Education - Cantech Letter

BYOD is a policy that allows students to use their own mobile devices to access educational content in and out of the classroom. The theory is that by allowing students to use their preferred devices, educational institutions can save money by not having to invest in mobile hardware.

What is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Why Should Teachers Care?

Will the BYOD movement in schools help or hurt students in the classroom? This article discussed the positive and negative aspects of the BYOD education movement.

10 Major Technology Trends in Education -- THE Journal

This article discusses the results of a Speak Up survey that polled hundreds of thousands of teachers, students, administrators, parents and community members about technology trends in education. Some of the trends discussed are; personal access to mobile devices, internet connectivity, video use for classwork and homework, mobile device use for classwork, different tools for different tasks, digital footprints, online learning, gender gaps, social media in schools and "the ultimate school".

Using Technology vs Technology Integration - An Excellent Chart for Teachers

This chart from Teachbytes, offers a detailed explanation of the difference between using technology and integrating technology. Technology integration is a planned and highly structured and purposeful use of technology with students whose ultimate goal is to engage students and help them to develop new thinking skills. Using tehnology, is a random and sporadic process whose mail goal is to instruct students on content and not engage them with content.

BYOD: A New Classroom Trend or a Passing Fad?

This article discusses BYOD advantages and concerns in today's school systems.

5 Proven Benefits of Implementing BYOD in Schools

With the advances in technology, many schools are implementing a BYOD policy to make this technology an essential part of the learning process. This article highlights how preferred learning methods help to remember lessons, and apps that making learning easier.

The Darker Side of BYOD in Education

This article discusses the results of a recent surveys done pointing to the negative effects of using BYOD in the classroom.

BYOD: The future of education - IP Partners

This blog highlights how BYOD works, the benefits and the process of integrating into educational arenas.

BYOD in the 21st Century

This video points out some of the many advantages and limitations of the concept of BYOD in the classroom.

Teachers First - Thinking Teachers Teaching Thinkers

This website provides a collection of reviewed BYOD tools for teachers that are available for FREE on iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android, and web devices.

Ten Tips for Preparing Your Classroom for BYOD

This video presents 10 teaching tips for preparing your classroom for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).