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Updated by DJ Rob on Sep 04, 2023
Headline for Switching Teams - 50 Musicians/Singers Who've Played In More Than One Group...And Did It The Best!
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Switching Teams - 50 Musicians/Singers Who've Played In More Than One Group...And Did It The Best!

Here's a list of 50 artists who've been members of multiple bands or groups...and have done it the best!

These are the 50 singer/musicians who've had more success with multiple bands than anyone else. The genres included here are rock, pop, R&B and hip-hop (and all their derivatives).

To be considered for the list, the criteria were simple: 1) the artist must have been an "official" member of two or more bands; 2) at least two of the groups credited to an artist must be noteworthy with a full album and at least one hit; 3) simply being in a group's touring band doesn't qualify an artist for this list - the artist had to have recorded at least one album with each group being credited to him or her; 4) an artist's solo career doesn't help or hurt him or her in the rankings; and 5) duets, one-time projects, and "featured" collaborations (even repeat ones) don't count either, which eliminates all those featured artists that have become so prevalent in the 21st Century.

It's the most comprehensive list of its kind, so scroll through to find out who are the 50 Best Multi-Team Players in Music, courtesy of this special ranking by djrobblog.


50. David Coverdale (Deep Purple, Whitesnake)

Many of the bands represented on this list are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, including Deep Purple, the group for which British singer David Coverdale sang lead before he left to go solo in the mid-to-late 1970s. He ultimately formed his second band, Whitesnake, in 1978 and recorded the iconic #1 hit "Here I Go Again" in 1987.

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