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The Learning Commons

As I begin the transformation of my media center into a learning commons, I will need as many resources as I can get. This list provides me with an abundance of information about improving my learning space so that I may have more of an impact in the education of the students in my building.

21st-Century Libraries: The Learning Commons

This article is a great introduction to the Learning Commons as the definition of a Learning Commons is thoroughly explained. This is a wonderful read for one who is just beginning to think about transforming his/her media center into a Learning Commons.

Holland, B. (2015, January 14). 21st Century Libraries: The Learning Commons. _ Edutopia_. Retrieved from

Bridging Two Worlds: Moving from Repository to Learning Spaces

Seattle Academy has a STREAM building which houses a brand new learning commons. In this article, the media specialist at the school describes how her facility and the reasons for the different learning spaces. She also discusses her virtual learning commons and how she developed her online presence.

Johnson, K. (2016) Bridging two worlds: moving from repository to learning spaces. Teacher Librarian Retrieved from

Why School Libraries are Transforming into a Learning Commons

This article discusses why libraries are making the transition into a Learning Commons. Emphasis is placed on using the new learning area as a place to collaborate with teachers as well as a place for instruction, with both the media specialist and classroom teacher teaching children.

Schott, P. ( 2015, February 4). Why school libraries are transforming into a learning commons. eSchoolNews . Retrieved from

Learning Commons In Service Phase 5

The entire process of transforming a library into a Learning Commons is discussed in this presentation. This is a great resource for librarians to use from the planning stages all the way through implementation. Examples of what to weed, student activities, furniture to purchase, etc. are included.

Monk, A. (2016, April 19)._ Library to Learning Commons: The Journey_ [PowerPoint Slides] Retrieved from:

What Does the Next-Generation School Library Look Like?

This article discusses the transformation of the library into a learning commons at Monticello High School in Charlottesville, Virginia. The article discusses the steps that were taken, the reactions of the students, and the learning that is now taking placed in the school.

Vangelova, L. (2014, June 18). What does the next generation school library look like? KQED News. Retrieved from

Monticello High School Learning Commons Tour

Monticello High School students (see above resource for article) created a video highlighting the features of the learning commons at the school. This video was created and edited by students and features a tour of the facility as well as interviews of students.

Ackroyd, J. (2014, November 6). Monticello High School Learning Commons Tour . Retrieved from

Virtual Learning Commons: Rethinking Your Library Website

This webinar will discuss how a media specialist can take his/her physical learning commons and create a virtual learning commons. The webinar will provide viewers with a plethora of resources to use to create an online presence.

Lister, H. (2016) Virtual learning commons: rethinking your library website [webinar]. American Association of School Librarians. Retrieved from

Maker Spaces in the Learning Commons

Makerspaces are often found in a learning commons, and this blog post discusses the basics of incorporating one into the facility.. The author also gives insight into the characteristics a typical "maker student". This post is a great introduction to makerspaces.

Mazur, A. (2014, May 18). Maker spaces in the learning commons [Blog]. Retrieved from

Furnishing a Learning Commons

One thing that helps create learning spaces is furniture. This resource provides information on furniture suitable for collaborate spaces and other learning areas. The ability to search for furniture is available, and digital catalogs are available for download.

Smith System (2016) Retrieved from

Grants & Funding | Renovated Learning

This page contains links to articles, presentations and other resources for helping educators secure grants and other sources of funding for their schools. This is perfect for those who want a "one sheet wonder" for all of their fundraising needs.

Rendina, D. (n.d.). Grants and Funding: Resources to help educators find the money they need for their schools. Retrieved from

Everything Learning Commons

This is truly a "one site wonder", and has everything you ever would want to know about a learning commons. From physical spaces to virtual spaces, this site as it all.

The School Learning Commons Knowledge Building Center (n.d) Retrieved from