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Custom Inflatable Case Studies: Branding & Marketing Ideas

Learn how others use custom inflatables to draw crowds, create excitement at events and generate instant brand recognition. Through these quick case studies, you can glean ideas for marketing promotions that make the most of your custom inflatables.


Inflatable Mascot Wakes the Dead (By Inflatable Manufacturer Landmark Creations)

For one night, Minneapolis hosts a giant zombie fest with their inflatable mascot, Phil, at the center of the event. Who else could create a 50-foot tall, lifelike (deathlike?) zombie but inflatable manufacturer Landmark Creations?

SUPERHERO SCRAMBLE Supports Troops with Inflatable Archway & Slime

In support of our troops, Superhero Scramble uses 2 inflatable archways to start and finish a 4-6 mile fitness race filled with crazy obstacles and plenty of slime!

Giant Inflatable Replica Helps VANS Canada Promote Youth Snowboard Series

Kids of all ages turned out for the VANS Canada Hi-Standard snowboard event to take on the slopes & have their pics made with the VANS inflatable product replica.

Barneys New York Introduces Gaga's Workshop with Cold Air Inflatable Characters

For the 2011 holiday season, Barneys New York has turned an entire floor of its Madison Ave. store into Lady Gaga's Workshop complete with giant, cold air inflatable characters.

GE Profile Inflatable Product Replicas Hit Times Square

Inflatables help draw big crowds to the GE Profile washer/dryer auction in Times Square, New York.

A Polar Bear in Illinois? This Custom Inflatable Mascot Causes a Stir

What would you do if you came face to face with a 15-foot-tall polar bear? This inflatable mascot invites you to join the party.

Landmark Creations - GEICO Inflatable Gecko Mascot

Want your company mascot to pack a more powerful punch? Turn it into a 15-foot-tall, cold-air inflatable and watch the reactions.

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Inflatable

When you're looking for realism, trust Landmark Creations for a painstakingly detailed inflatable product replica. This cold air inflatable is true-to-life right down to the printing on the label.

MIMMI Inflatable Art Gauges the Mood of Minneapolis Using Technology

To describe it, you might think someone was talking about a 1970s mood ring. While MIMMI is, in fact, circular and does detect moods, it is certainly more contemporary than any ring ever hoped to be.

March of Dimes Inflatable Arch Battles Birth Defects

Saving babies' lives is what the March of Dimes is all about. For decades, it has worked to prevent birth defects, premature births and infant mortality through research, community service, education and events like the "March for Babies" races.

The Dalton Agency Wraps Up Event Marketing with an Inflatable Product Replica
What's 20 feet tall, weighs 80 pounds and makes your mouth water? An inflatable product replica of McDonald's new McWrap. In a sea of vans, tents and people, the Dalton Agency needed a clever way to capture attention from far and wide for its client (McDonald's) at events.
Carnegie Science Center Uses Inflatable Character to Promote Space Exhibit
Most of us learn better when we can actually do something. Watching and listening are great, but to get a real grasp on how things work and what impact they have on our lives, it's hands-on all the way. Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh couldn't agree more.
Inflatable, Imaginative Museum Exhibit from a Creative Inflatable Manufacturer
As the Guggenheim art museum displays the works of the Gutai: Splendid Playground, it seems only fitting that they would move beyond the conventional when presenting the various works of art. The founder of Japan's most influential avant-garde collective of the postwar era, JirĊ Yoshihara, led his troupe with the mantra, "Do what no one has done before."