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Headline for Waterfalls around Sri Lanka (Kalutara) – Sri Lanka's endless natural beauty
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Waterfalls around Sri Lanka (Kalutara) – Sri Lanka's endless natural beauty

Sri Lanka has over four hundred waterfalls spread out across the country. Here are a few you can find in the Kalutara District, only a few hours from the capital city of Colombo.


Ginigedara Ella Falls

You will find Kalutara Ginigedara Ella Falls near Bulathsinhala in the Kalawella village. It is among the many attractions in the district of Kalutara. Hotels in the area, however, are not located nearby; they are found closer to the beachfront as the beach is the main attraction in this area. Ginigedara Ella Falls reaches the ground after a fourteen metre drop between two large boulders. Its name translates to 'fire house' after a tragic accident that took place several decades ago, in which a nearby house caught fire, killing the occupants within. A challenging hike is required to reach the waterfall and thus is mostly visited by students conducting research.


Ahas Bokku Ella

Ahas Bokku Ella is a thirty metre waterfall that can be found five kilometres from the Kalawana Pass. If you are staying at the AVANI Kalutara Resort, take the road from Matugama – Baduraliya to Athwelthota, which is in the vicinity of the Ambatenna Bridge. The waterfall can be seen from the main road and you will notice the depleted vegetation in the area as a result of logging.


Julee Ella Falls

Julee Ella Falls is only three meters in height and it weaves and winds its way down between a multitude of boulders. This waterfall is situated in Agalawatte, about two hundred meters above Tambadola Ella Falls. If you need directions to Julee Ella Falls, ask around at Pollgampala-Kuruvita Town, it is the nearest small town to this waterfall. Thambadola Ella and Julee Ella Falls cannot be reached by way of the main road but a well maintained foot path will take you the last stretch of the journey.


Mara Kapu Ella Falls

The sixteen meter tall, Mara Kapu Ella Falls is also found in Agalawatte, on the border of the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, which has been designated a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Athwelthota Village is the nearest to the waterfall and the route to the waterfall lies across mountainous terrain. The waterfall cascades with force down an enormous rock face and during the rainy season, the spray can be felt eight meters away from the base accompanied by mist and strong winds. Much of the surrounding forest area has been lost to logging. The waterfall itself is depleted after a dam was constructed fifty meters above it to curb the risk to around two hundred homes in the neighbourhood.


Athwelthota Kabaragoi Ella Falls

Athwelthota Kabaragoi Ella Falls at twenty three meters is a scenic sight; it looks its best when the rains are heavy. Its name translates to 'The waterfall of the water monitor'. Rumour has it that the locality was once home to a large population of water monitors. It is situated in Athwelthota about half a kilometre from the Ahas Bokkuwa Bridge, which was built at the start of the 1900's. The locals frequent the waterfall using its pools for bathing and swimming.