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Best International Buffet Restaurants in Mauritius – Buffet's Aren't Limited to your Hotel Restaurant

As with most nations in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has an incredible food culture. Therefore, the next time you are in Mauritius, include visiting one of these restaurants on your "to-do" list.


Escale Creole

Escale Creole might look like a simple restaurant, but the flavours and dishes it offers are incredibly bold! Offering mouth watering Creole cuisine served up buffet style, any foodie is sure to enjoy savouring the mouth watering tastes at Escale Creole. Run by Marie Christine Forget and her mother Majo, this restaurant doesn't attempt to be fancy, instead it offers you simple and delicious Creole dishes such as spicy chicken curry, an irresistible sausage stew called rougaille saucisse, pickled vegetables, salted fish, and, oddly enough, a delectable octopus curry. This unique set of dishes provides a combination of flavours that are sure to leave your taste buds tingling!



Balafon is one of Mauritius' most famous buffet restaurants. Offerings a great mix of authentic local dishes, as well as international dishes that everyone loves, a meal at Balafon is sure to be one of the top food experiences you will have in Mauritius. Although serving up buffets at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is the breakfast buffet that is leaving everyone craving for more! The great ambiance of this restaurant, coupled with the friendly staff and lip-smacking food easily makes Balafon one of the best international buffet restaurants in Mauritius.



Boasting the tagline "sensational flavours from around the world", Senso is one of the most remarkable international buffet restaurants in Mauritius. This restaurant is one of the five restaurants at the InterContinental Mauritius Resort Balaclava Fort, and offers dishes from cuisines including Chinese, American, Asian, Indian, and European. It even has a splendid array of vegetarian dishes. The restaurant also have many live cooking stations, cooking up all sorts of exotic foods, giving its patrons a culinary experience the likes of which they will never forget! Oh, and Senso also offer desserts from all around the world as well. Still need a reason to give it a try?


Les Canisses Resto & Plage

Located facing a gorgeous beachfront, Les Canisses Resto & Plage is one of Mauritius' best buffet restaurants. At this quaint restaurant you will find a large spread of foods from various cuisines such as French, Mediterranean, and European. Feel free to load your plate with all the goodness that these cuisines have to offer so that you can have a truly sensational gastronomic experience. The restaurant even has a live band on certain days, to make your dining experience that much more pleasant. And the best part is, Les Canisses Resto & Plage offers some of the most competitive prices you will find in Mauritius!


Le Flamboyant Restaurant

Le Flamboyant Restaurant is renowned for its amazing international buffet. Offering a wide spread of foods that hail from various parts of the world, the buffet experience at this restaurant is sure to leave you craving for more. A signature feature of this restaurant is its fusion foods that combine the best of various cuisines to give you combinations of tastes that are to die for. The restaurant also has a great range of vegan delicacies, so even those on vegan diets can enjoy the dining experience of Le Flamboyant Restaurant.