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Updated by Juliana Roberts on Jul 05, 2016
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Best Dishes in Hong Kong – refill the taste buds with unbeaten flavours

If food is your passion, you should travel to Hong Kong at least in once in your lifetime. Travelling to Hong Kong could be the perfect treat for your taste buds.


Dim Sum

Step into any restaurant and ask for Dim Sum, and they will serve you a bunch of yummy dishes with fresh ingredients. During brunch time, it will not be easy to check into a restaurant as they are crowded. You will see waiters running around with trays full of bamboo baskets. The dishes are surprisingly small with about three or four bites. In Chinese Dim Sum means 'a bit of heart'. This delicious dish with a history of hundred years is claimed to have been born on the Silk Road as snack for travellers. Today you get around 100 dishes for Dim Sum. Dim sum is an not-to-be-missed brunch at any Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong.


Char Siu

If you are a Muslim, skip this item. Chari Siu is Hong Kong style barbeque pork. Its taste originates from rice wine, honey and hoisin sauce. When you have dim sum, you will also get char siu as a filling. In Chinese char siu means burned pork. You will find lengthy strips of well-seasoned boneless pork signed by fire.
The dish has a long history as it was used with wild boar. The char siu you get to have in contemporary restaurants has a mixture of honey, spice powder, fermented bean curd, dark soy sauce, hoisin sauce and dark soy sauce. All this reddens the outer layer of Char Siu.


Dai Pai Dongs

You can see this dish in almost any street of Hong Kong. This is a dish you can enjoy with your friends on a table while enjoying the sight of the busy street life. It is a mixture of dishes found in streets. Dai Pai Dongs usually includes noodles, snacks, stir fries or anything you can see on a stick. Eating in the street is a different experience. Only a few countries like Hong Kong would offer you that privilege. And eating Dai Pai Dongs is not going to be a hassle. Just hold the stick and finish the delicacies stuck on it.



Hong Kong has enough restaurants that offer seafood; almost all Hong Kong dining promotions naturally include Seafood. Any restaurant would quench your seafood passion. When you go to the coastal area, you can easily go for a boat ride too. Interestingly you can choose your preferred seafood from the living creatures swimming in the big tanks. You have a wide choice of fish, prawns, crabs and lobster.


Roast Goose

Why you should go for roast goose is simple. It is a tender meat with crisp skin. The roasted goose is usually served with sweet plum sauce. You will feel like going for more because of the taste. Many restaurants as well as street outlets also offer roast goose.