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Home Buying Tips

Read the best tips on how to buy a home and ways that you can save money and eliminate stress by gaining perspective of tips provided by Joe Samson and other real estate experts

Tips and Buying a House Without Seeing it First

Buying a home comes with a full list of due diligence that buyers need and their real estate agents need to follow in order to guarantee a successful closing. Debbie Drummond shares some of the best tips that she has and stories that will help you to manage your own real estate transaction to work out great.

How Lenders Can Disrupt the Buying Process

Tips and Tricks on how to get your mortgage approved even if the banks don't care much.

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Read the number one trick that you can use with the bank to make sure that they get your mortgage approved on time. Sometimes the lender's priorities are a little mixed up and they don't always see deadlines as important as the home buyer or the seller.

Top Real Estate Professionals Reveal How To Avoid First-Time Home Buyer’s Remorse

Perhaps the first few days after you signed the contract, yes, but lo and behold, a week later, you’re starting to have all these thoughts whether you’ve made the right decision!

How NOT to Screw-up Your Mortgage Approval

Essential tips and tricks on getting your mortgage application approved. Discover why mortgage brokers and banks are so difficult sometimes and how to deal with them.

Things You Need to Do for a Mortgage Approval

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions of your entire life. If you know you’ve found the right property and are certain you can afford it, then you’ve likely submitted your paperwork to your lender already. However, if you’re just starting this process of looking for a home online and haven’t yet given your documents to your mortgage broker, there’s a lot of information you should know about what to...

Things That Could Go Wrong With Mortgage Approvals

Things That Could Go Wrong With Mortgage Approvals Whether you’re buying or selling a home, a mortgage approval is something you’ll likely have to deal with. If you’re the buyer specifically, this...

Are You Ready to Buy a Home? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you sure you are ready to make your life's biggest decision? Ask yourself these question to make sure that buying a home is the right thing to do and that you are ready for it!

Reasons Why You Need a Mortgage Pre-approval

Reasons why you need to have a mortgage pre-approval before you begin your home search. And ways of how it can turn out to be to your advantage!

How Much Real Estate Can You Afford?

Owning real estate comes with many responsibilities. Being able to pay your bills and mortgage is something that needs to be figured out before choosing a house. Find out if you are making the right financial decision.

What Buyers Need to Know about Pre-Approvals

Prior to showing homes to a client, one of the most important steps that real estate agents need to take is to find out whether the potential homebuyer ha

The Importance of a Mortgage Pre-approval Letter

Getting a mortgage pre-approval is one thing. To really succeed and get a better deal on your home purchase you should have a pre-approval LETTER. Find out how it's going to help YOU!

How to Search for a Home Online

Unlock the power of knowing how to search for a home online. Find out what to avoid and things that you should be doing while searching for your new home online.

How to Buy Real Estate in Canada

Thinking of moving to Canada and buying real estate? When it come to owning property in Canada, foreigners face different rules and pay higher taxes than recognized residents. Find out what you need to know before you start packing!

8 Reasons Why REALTORS® Will Be Needed FOREVER!

It has been prophesied that real estate agents will be extinct soon due to the advancement of the internet. Here are 8 reason to crush that myth and to help you to realize the significance of a professional when it comes to buying or selling a home.

The Purpose of a Final Walkthrough in Real Estate

A final walkthrough in real estate is an important part of the closing process. However it must be set up properly between the seller and the buyer to be effective.