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Updated by Catelin Forbes on Jul 04, 2016
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5 Popular Coffee Shops In Kuala Lumpur – Kopitiams That You Must Visit!

Kopitiams, the traditional coffee shops of Kuala Lumpur, are a unique feature of the street-food scene of the city that you must experience. Here are some of the most popular kopitiams in KL.


Restoran Koon Lee

Located on Jalan Hang Lekir, this kopitiam is one of the most favourite coffee stops for both locals and tourists alike. Following the traditional plastic tables and chairs set-up, Restoran Koon Lee is a hotspot during lunch breaks and tea-time, as its delicious wan tan mee, that is, barbeque pork or chicken sautéed in sweet black sauce and served with traditional Cantonese noodles, coupled with their perfectly brewed coffee, makes for a wholesome meal. The laidback ambiance, the delicious food, and the great coffee easily make Restoran Koon Lee one of Kuala Lumpur's most popular coffee shops.


Restoran Hin Ang

Nestled in the town of Brickfields, just outside central Kuala Lumpur, is Restoran Hin Ang; another popular kopitiam. While the coffee is just as great as some of the other well-known coffee shops in Kuala Lumpur, what makes this kopitiam special is its food menu. One can order many delicious street side dishes to indulge in, such as minced pork with rice noodles or steaming chicken fried rice. These delicious delicacies perfectly complement the rich blends of coffee on offer, making the experience offered by Restoran Hin Ang absolutely recommendable.


Kim Lian Kee

With a history that is over 100 years old, Kim Lian Kee is the grandfather of coffee shops in Kuala Lumpur. Located along Kuala Lumpur's famous Jalan Petaling, Kim Lian Kee is immensely popular owing to its great dishes and amazing beverages. Serving traditional Cantonese and Malaysian dishes such as Hokkien-style pork slices in corn flour cooked in cabbage soup, and yellow stir-fried noodles in thick soy sauce gravy, this kopitiam is a great place for a wholesome lunch or dinner. The rich and aromatic iced coffee offered by Kim Lian Kee is one of the highlights of this kopitiam, while the iced Milo (a rich chocolate beverage) is great too. If you are looking for accommodation in a spacious service apartment in Kuala Lumpur from which to head to such coffee shops make a reservation at the Somerset Ampang Kuala Lumpur.


Tang City Food Court

Fancy the perfect cup of fine coffee to give you the start you need in the mornings? If you do, just head over to Tang City Food Court. Also located along Jalan Petaling, this kopitiam is actually one of the best coffee shops for those looking to have a good breakfast. The assortment of fluffy flatbreads and the highly-demanded economy rice, make perfect breakfast meals, while the coffee gives you just the boost you need. There are other great dishes too, including a variety of noodle and pork dishes, all at very reasonable prices too! All in all, this is a kopitiam that you should definitely stop by if you have the chance.


The Black & White Kopitiam

The Black & White Kopitiam is what you get when you combine a modern coffee shop with a kopitiam. It's a bit fancier than your regular kopitiam and offers a range of delectable dishes. Some of The Black & White Kopitiam's signature dishes include the RM 10.90 Fried Rice, Mee Rebus, Nasi Lemak, and the Bo Kho beef dish. The shop also offers a range of different blends of coffee and tea. Therefore, The Black & White Kopitiam is a great place to catch a bite and down some tea or coffee.