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Facade/Cladding Products

As a division of The Tile People which was established in 1999, Design Central Australia specialize in supplying facade/cladding products working directly with clients, architects, designers and builders.

Glass Reinforced Concrete-For Lavish and Reflective Facade of Your Building

Glass Reinforced Concrete-For Lavish and Reflective Facade of Your Building Glass fiber reinforced concrete also known as GFRC or GRC is a type of fiber reinforced concrete, mainly used for exterior...

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Design Central Australia is Australian based and directed company providing Non-combustible cladding which is very less in carbon dioxide pollutant and also free from metal corrosive Chloride.

What are the advantages and benefits of clay roof tiles?

Clay tile roofing is one of the oldest and most used types of roofing in the world. The use and popularity fluctuate with time, but the demand for clay tile remained the same. Terracotta is the term commonly used in place of clay roofing and it has been part of human settlements since the dawn of well.

Lightweight Concrete Block | Design Central Australia

Standard concrete is very dense and it is difficult to handle and work on it especially when it takes its form. CLC, on the other hand, is comparatively low on weight and that’s why it can have a great impact on building material’s weight management and craning work.

Why People Consider Clay Tiles As A Superior Material For Wall Cladding?

Clay tiles are one of the oldest and most widely used traditional materials for construction and are trusted by many. Whether it is about building a new commercial/residential building or just renovating an old one, it is vital to choose the best clay tile supplier to get top quality tiles that can be used in any case and anywhere.

How to choose the best clay tile supplier for your home??

Clay tiles are one of the most popular and well-liked choices in roof materials. These tiles are highly durable, attractive and very long lasting. Clay roof tiles are generally easily maintained and there is little or no required maintenance for several years after their professional installation.

Get to Know the Crucial Information about Terracotta Cladding and Renovation

The very word terracotta is the most earthly product and has a lot of class, aesthetics, and peace about itself. Clay, when fired, takes the name of Terracotta and this very word depicts age, terracotta is the first used product, it’s called the oldest and yet most ethnic tool of homemaking.

Need An Architect Firm For Façade (Terracotta) Cladding? Here is How to Hire the One

Wall paneling is popular wall-application in modern architecture. The panels are installed over other building materials that are not as strong and non-porous. The paneling or cladding can be done both from inside and outside.

All you need to know about concrete cladding panels and their essential benefits!!

Concrete cladding panels are basically formed by offsite manufactured precast concrete panels which are used to clad a variety of buildings including residential buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, school and so on.

How to Choose the Best Clay Tiles for Your Home’s Roof?

In the modern times, roofs are not only meant for aesthetics, but they should also be capable enough to provide a solid & strong shelter for you. And this would come by finding the best roof tiles in Australia.

Things to Know Before Buying Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are a like a sponge, and so they can absorb spillages. They are extremely porous, and so allow spillages easily enter. However, if you need terracotta tiles for your remodeling project, here are some crucial things that you should consider before deciding to buy.

Ensure The Lasting Shine & Beauty Of Terracotta Tiles Through Sealing!

Terracotta tiles are the for sure the best choice for home construction. These tiles are used not only in dining rooms, living rooms, kitchen and bathrooms but also in patios, driveways and roofs. Since terracotta tiles have a long and rich history of use, they come with some inherent characteristics which make them difficult to maintain.

Terracotta tiles: their uses, types and major advantages!!

Terracotta tiles are one of the most basic as well as oldest construction materials ever made and used for a long time. They are essentially clay that is manufactured in kilns by firing refined clay mixtures at high temperature. This material is not only used to make roof tiles, but they are also used in the manufacturing of floor tiles as well as drainage pipes.

The major advantages and reasons for using concrete cladding panels!!

Concrete cladding panels are basically created from durable concrete and robust and are carefully installed to the outside or inside of a building. They are either installed to improve the aesthetic appearance or to enhance the building’s durability. The cladding itself can be made from different materials including stone, brick and even wood.

Benefits of Using Clay Tiles for Façade Construction!

Having the right roof over your home and fascinating façade in front is indispensably important to ensure the lasting beauty of your building. While there are many options available in the industry to do so, clay tile façade is the most preferred option by the people across Australia and the other parts of the world.

Extruded tile facade: A budget-friendly and long lasting option!!!

Extruded tile facades perfectly capture the essence when it comes to combining the latest technology with eco-friendly practices at affordable prices. Facades built in such a manner are natural and sustainable alternatives and yet match the designing requirements of the properties.

How to Choose Clay Façade Tile for Your Building

Your building should not only look appealing but also should be sustainable, definitely energy-efficient, and every aspect of design offers a benefit but for adding a dash to the building appearance.Clay Facades, therefore, are a great choice for most building owners. They are versatile and adaptable that they can meet all these requirements.

Know Why GRC Stone Is the Best Building Material

GRC stone, where GRC stands for Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete, is a highly versatile building material and is already getting popular very quickly. It offers a wide range of utilization and is well known for its eco-friendly characteristics and cost-effective features that make it stand apart from the list of traditionally used building materials, for instance, pre-cast stone.

How to choose a GRC material supplier

GRC which stands for glass fiber reinforced concrete is one of the most versatile and innovative building materials available today. The cost saving, technology and to the aesthetics of the construction industry are some of attributes that make the materials so popular in the construction industry.

Fine Features of Using Clay Tile Façade for Residential & Commercial Buildings!

At the present energy efficient age, a building must be sustainable and each of its architecture must offer a benefit and can contribute to save energy. When it comes to energy efficient architecture, clay tile façade first clicks to everyone’s mind.

This is why GRC stone is rising in popularity

Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) stone is multifaceted and high in demand construction material which has many uses. It is very popular because it is cost-effective and eco-friendly which makes it different from other traditional construction materials like precast stone.

Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is a versatile and widely popular building material used for widest range of building works. It is known its cost-saving and eco-friendly qualities which make this alternative different from traditional building materials.

Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) | Eco-Friendly Construction Material

Unlike other material, GRC stones impart buildings with a solid appearance without causing weight and environmental concerns. They are available in a wide gamut of architectural finishes, textures and colors and the best thing is that they can be manufactured to resemble natural stone in a variety of finishes right from fine grain to more exposed coarse aggregate look.

Terracotta baguettes cladding: Major benefits!!!

The use of terracotta as a construction material was earlier only restricted to buildings which were constructed traditionally. However, this is no longer the case as designers these days use terracotta even in the construction of contemporary designs of buildings.

Terracotta baguettes cladding is a widely used decorative material for buildings. It is one of the oldest types of building materials now available in a modern form. They can be utilized for single use as a sunshade, and can even be combined with other curtain wall materials so as to create a different effect.