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Headline for Top Underwater Activities in Maldives – Rediscover the World under the Sea
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Top Underwater Activities in Maldives – Rediscover the World under the Sea

Looking for thrilling water sports or water-based activities to engage in? Here's a list of the top underwater activities on offer in the Maldives.



For those of you who may not know, snorkeling is a sport where an individual swims underwater wearing a mask and a tube like device known as a snorkel. Fins are also worn to make swimming easier. In colder climates a wetsuit is also worn to keep body temperature regulated. This extremely popular underwater activity allows you to explore the seabed and the wonders of marine life under the sea. A snorkeler could easily travel quite a distance just by letting the gentle waves take them adrift, as such, it is quite a relaxing pastime. The best time to try this out would be between the months of July and September, when the waters are relatively calm.


Scuba Diving

Maldives is the ultimate scuba-diver's paradise. Without any doubt the number one Maldives water sports activity, scuba diving allows the diver to observe the rich and versatile marine flora and fauna that thrive in the waters. Most of the species that a diver will encounter are quite a treat to behold. This sport however, requires you to be a rather confident swimmer as it can involve diving to about 40 to 50 metres deep in the ocean. The best time for divers to scuba dive is also recommended to be from July to September.


Underwater Walking

If you are not very confident about diving or snorkeling but still want to enjoy the vibrant treasures of the ocean, underwater walking will be a fun and easy option that children and adults alike can enjoy. Experts will guide you along the house reefs of the island where you will be able to stop and explore a rich variety of marine life that thrives in abundance all around. Resorts in the area such as the Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas and others, will help you plan out this activity and organize and experienced professional to guide you. The period from January to April has been cited as the best time to try out this activity.



If you are visiting the Maldives between the months of January to April, reefscaping will provide you with a fun, unique and informative recreational underwater activity that also helps the environment to boot! Become a part of sustainable tourism by watching, exploring and taking part in the reforestation and transplantation of damaged corals. This gives the corals the opportunity to thrive and helps rebuild eco-systems. Together with the reforestation process, you will also be guided by experts to observe coral transplants that have successfully created entire marine eco-systems around them.


Submarine Rides

December to March in each year serves as the perfect time for enthusiastic travelers to experience a submarine ride under the waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding the Maldives. If you are anxious about plunging into the bottomless depths of the ocean, perhaps opt for a ride in submarines outfitted with glass bottoms. You can peer through these and get a glimpse of the flora and fauna underwater. At an impressive 100 feet below sea level, the ride is guaranteed to give you the experience of a lifetime as you encounter rare organisms dwelling in their natural habitat. The Maldives is the proud owner of the world's largest submarine, with most of its submarines being capable of housing up to approximately 50 occupants. The submarines come equipped with temperature and air regulation systems in order to keep you comfortable throughout your ride.