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Headline for 5 Local Restaurants to Eat Local Dishes in Xian – Enjoy the Flavours
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5 Local Restaurants to Eat Local Dishes in Xian – Enjoy the Flavours

Authentic Shaanxi food as served at the best Xian restaurants is a treat indeed. Bursting with flavour and exotic spices the food consisting of mains and snacks is a true treat for all foodies.


Xian Fanzhuang

Just about every popular Xian snack food is served at this restaurant with a proud reputation for dishing out authentic Shaanxi food. The place is well known for replicating authentic flavours linked to traditional Shaanxi dishes. In order to provide the foodies with a comprehensive experience of Xian food the restaurant offers a 'snack banquet' that includes a range of Shaanxi snacks for sampling. Must try's include crispy fried noodles, gourd-shaped chicken, cold rice noodles, spicy pig kidney and fried dumplings; top it all off with some glutinous rice wine. This restaurant has many branches across the city.


Real Love Chinese Restaurant

This all-encompassing restaurant is not just an eatery for enjoying authentic Shaanxi food but is also an entertainment hub offering KTV, a café and tea house with a relaxing atmosphere. Recommended must try dishes include sizzling plate beef Tie Ban Niu Liu, real love pork spare ribs, aloe salad, ma shi and papaya. If you are an avid foodie planning on sampling the cuisine at these fabulous restaurants consider accommodation in Xian that allows you the freedom to move to your own schedule; if you want the comforts of a conventional hotel and convenience of home the best choice would be Xian serviced apartments. Real Love Restaurant is located close to the Citadines Gaoxin Xi'an apartment hotel on Gaoxin Road. It also has branches at other locations across the city.


Qin Fu Jiu Si

This traditional restaurant also known as the Qin Mansion Taverns has an interior style that reflects décor of the Tang Dynasty. The place specialises in Shaanxi cuisine and more on wheat based dishes such as Qinfus Noodles with Eighty Treasures Qin Fu Ba Zhen Mian. Other recommended dishes include braised and diced chicken in red wine sauce and Qinfu's famous cooked mutton.


Qin Chao Wa Guan

Meaning Crockery of the Qin Dynasty this restaurant is known for its traditional Shaanxi dishes as well as various ingredients boiled in small crockery containers to form a thin soup. This method of cooking was a skill that was fashioned during the Qin Dynasty and was a favourite amongst the ruling Emperors. Some of the best dishes at the eatery include kidney bean soup, pork spare ribs, fish head and stewed pear with tremella and papaya. There are several branches of Qin Chao Wa Guan located across the city. It is open from 10.30 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 8.30 pm.


Chang'an Yi Hao

Meaning the number one in Chang'an this restaurant is definitely one of the best eateries in Xian. The place is decorated in traditional Xian style and is well known for serving authentic Shaanxi cuisine as well as popular western dishes. Must try dishes include wrapped chicken feet, Chinese yam, gourd-shaped chicken and beef stake. This restaurant is located at no 1 North Chang'an Road.