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Top Things to Do in Nusa Dua – Sunny Resort of Bali

Gorgeous Nusa Dua is definitely one of the most beautiful resorts in Bali; there you can enjoy the ocean, sandy beaches, visit the modern galleries and browse museums; the possibilities are endless.


Catch the Devdan Show

This is the highlight of the Nusa Dua Theatre. The Devdan Treasure of the Archipelago is a 90 minute epic journey that takes you across the birth of the Indonesian Archipelago. The costumes are fabulous, the dances are mesmerizing and the story promises to captivate you from start to finish. The story revolves around a boy and girl who discover a magical chest that reveals each moment in the archipelagos history while the dances are an amalgamation of cultures from Indonesia, Borneo, Java, Bali, Papua New Guinea and Sumatra. The props, the stage effects and the lighting all work together to transport you to a magical realm of fantasy.


Chill Out on Nusa Dua Beach

Pantai Mengiat or Nusa Dua Beach is the resort's main beach which you can access via the main gateways located around the Bali Tourism Development Complex Garden which is not far from the Bali International Convention Centre. The beach and its many attractions is one of the lures why Nusa Dua is favoured by the international business community, who find mixing business with pleasure in healthy doses quite lucrative and beneficial, making conferences held at Nusa Dua convention centre options quite popular. The long stretch of beach is serviced by five star hotels and has an offshore reef break which makes the waters calm and safe for swimming. Beyond the reef the sea offers fabulous breaks for surfers with plenty of surf shops renting out boards. From the beach you can hop on a glass bottomed boat ride for observing the splendours below the waves as well as watch how fishermen set out to sea or bring in a fresh catch in traditional wooden boats.


Explore the Nusa Dua Islands

Nusa Dua is made up of two islands which in fact is where the name is derived from; Nusa Dua meaning 'two islands'. The northern island is smaller than the southern island with each boasting a unique set of attractions. In between is a bay ideal for swimming and diving. The southern island features huge grassy fields and plays host to many international events. Apart from the glitzy events the island is tops for relaxing and has a soothing ambiance, complete with a beach temple, picturesque pavilions, limestone cliffs and even a blow hole amidst the rocky hills.


Explore Museum Pasifika

A fascinating place to explore, the Museum Pasifika houses the work of over 200 artists from across 25 countries as well as historical and cultural artefacts from the Indo-Pacific region. There are eleven display rooms each housing a variety of exhibits catering to a different theme. Ancient artefacts that symbolise Balinese culture and island life will prove to be very interesting while the art works focus on the depiction of Balinese life styles and culture.


Enjoy a Camel Safari in Bali

On the south Sawanga Coast of Nusa Dua Beach you will find camel safaris; there well behaved and well trained camels will take you along the sandy shores of gorgeous Nusa Dua Beach. Choose from a variety of packages that can include lunch, extra excursions and the thrill of indulging in water sports.