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Top Activities To Do in Nuwara Eliya – a Picturesque Holiday Destination

The town of Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka is renowned for its comparatively cool climate. Visitors will find many interesting things to do in Nuwara Eliya, with something to suit everyone's tastes.


Visit Adam's Peak

Adam's Peak is a well-known attraction in the vicinity of Nuwara Eliya that attracts religious devotees and sightseers alike. This mountain is considered to be a sacred site and is visited by Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims alike. The mountain is known as Sri Pada in the local language and stands an impressive 7,360 feet in height. Each year a steady stream of pilgrims undertake the rather demanding climb up the mountain in order to pay their respects to the sacred site located at the summit. Many tourists also make the journey as it is a unique experience that you will treasure forever.


Try Out the Local Cuisine

Nuwara Eliya is a great place to sample the local Sri Lankan cuisine as you will find a good selection of quality dining options. You will find that the local cuisine includes many different kinds of curries which are often consumed with all the main meals. Rice serves as the staple food and is consumed in many meals, as are hoppers, a crispy pancake. Curries can be based on vegetarian foodstuffs as well as meat and fish and contain many spices like turmeric, fennel, ginger, garlic, coriander, chilli and cumin. Nuwara Eliya offers top quality restaurants as well as somewhat more moderately priced dining establishments.


Hiking and Trekking

Trekking and hiking enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities for these pursuits in the environs of Nuwara Eliya. If you are an advanced hiker or trekker you will encounter terrain and conditions that will challenge your endurance. The fact that you will experience different kinds of terrain around Nuwara Eliya will appeal to enthusiasts. An excellent location for these activities would be the Horton Plains National Park, which offers appealing trekking paths. You will also be able to avail yourself of English-speaking experienced guides who are knowledgeable about the area. Visitors will also be able to hike up Pidurutalagala, the highest mountain in the nation, although the summit is not accessible to the public.


Bird Watching

Nuwara Eliya is a rewarding environment for bird watchers as the region features many kinds of interesting indigenous avian varieties. The best location for bird watchers in the area would probably be Victoria Park where you may have the opportunity to observe engrossing birds such as the Kashmir flycatcher, Indian blue robin and the scaly thrush. Another fine locality for bird watchers would be Horton Plains National Park where you may have the chance to view varieties such as the yellow-eared bulbul and dull blue flycatcher amongst others. As you experience these engrossing activities in the area an attractive choice of accommodation would be one of the Nuwara Eliya bungalows such as the well-reputed Scottish Planter Glendevon Bungalow part of Theme Resorts & Spas.



Nuwara Eliya offers a good selection of shopping attractions that will appeal to the visitor. In this part of the country you are more likely to come across traditional retailers offering locally made products rather than imported or branded items. As you might expect you will have the opportunity to purchase some of the renowned local teas which are available at many outlets. You will also find a fine array of locally made goods such as silk items, traditional handicrafts, carved figurines, masks, leather goods and sarongs. In order to purchase Western foods, pharmaceuticals and alcoholic beverages simply head for the local outlet of the Cargills grocery chain.