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Updated by Varun Nair on Jul 21, 2016
Headline for Basics of the Mutual fund industry!
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Basics of the Mutual fund industry!

If you have been working for a while, chances are high that you have heard about #investing and mutual funds and the benefits that come with it. Of course, it does take a fair bit of planning and research before you can go and make an #investment, but it is extremely important to know the #MutualFundsBasics and what key factors decide if the fund grows well. So, what are the key points you have to look at?


Net Asset Value:

Probably the most important number that exists in the #MutualFund industry is the net asset value. How much does one unit of the mutual fund value at today and how much would it cost you? This determines the growth of the mutual fund and you can track this on a daily basis too.


How does a mutual fund work?

It is a basically a collection of funds that are put together for by a specific trader or company. It would be across a range of different companies in the #StockMarket and hence is a reduced risk as compared to investing individually in the stock market. You do not have to keep a very watchful eye on the fluctuating share prices nor do you have to worry about huge drops in the stock market.


It’s a long term strategy:

The thing with #MutualFunds is that you are not investing for the #ShortTerm. The fluctuation in the stock market actually works in your advantage here as over a period of time, you would have an average unit value that is lesser than the current rate.


Brand and investor:

One of the important mutual fund basics is to note the company that has created the mutual fund plan as well as the person who is controlling the investment. It is quite a strong factor in the growth of the fund.


Fund size:

Lastly, look at the fund size or the total investment value of the #funds. The larger the fund size, the better.



Planning for the future is extremely important and #InvestingInMutualFunds is the best way to ensure a strong and financially sound future. It is not easy to track movements in the stock market on a daily basis and an #InvestmentInMutualFunds is the perfect solution for any of us. Choosing an investment like this is ideal today looking at the future growth in India.